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Tropical Fish Books Review

tropical fish booksBeing an avid tropical fish hobbyist I can’t deny that other than spending time enjoying and watching my favorite pets move around and taking care of their needs, I have also develop a passion towards reading any favorite fish related topics. Thus, over the years my collection of tropical fish books grew from a few thin stacks given as gift by friends to a shelf rack full of books! Out of so many titles that I’ve read, the one that I find most interesting and comprehensive covering every fish details is the “Definitive Guide to Aquarium Fish” written by Mary Bailey and Gina Sandford.

If you were to ask me about the best aquarium books around, I wouldn’t have doubt mentioning this title and recommending it to anyone interested in getting their feet wet with this hobby. Whether he or she is an expert or even novices in this field, “Definitive Guide to Aquarium Fish” is simply well-written, the topics nicely arranged into different sections and the details covered are indeed nicely explained. What I find most interesting is that the words used are quite easy to understand (taking into consideration that little kids might read it as well) and you will never find yourself getting lost on what the author was trying to tell you. Nevertheless browsing through each and every topic is a breeze as it provides not only in-depth discussion but also the publisher tries to accompany colorful pictures and graphs so that you can visualize it in details. (Best pet fish for kids)

There are different versions of the same book sold in stores but basically all of them are just the same, it’s just that it has different titles published in different years. There are 23 topics altogether not including the acknowledgments and index section, starting from a simple “Introduction”, going into “How to get Started” with topics touching on selecting the types of aquarium equipment like filters, lighting, moving on to water management, using decorations and finally adding the fishes. To make it more valuable and engaging, the author goes the extra mile to introduce and talk about identifying different types of fish. For me, this is one of the most important aspects when it comes to fish care because without understanding and knowing what fish you have, it is almost impossible to manage and handle their needs.

Some of the interesting highlights which I like the most about the book are the introduction to Amazon Leaf Fish which obviously I never came across previously in my life. Another section which I enjoy the most is on the topic whereby it goes into details about step-by-step guide on how to decorate your fish tank. The author also makes it a point to stress on how important it is for a hobbyist to maintain full responsible care and acknowledge the importance of shouldering this task. As your read on, flipping through the pages one by one, not only it strengthens and enriches your knowledge but it also helps to further develop your passion as it becomes more lively and engaging. Finally you will emerge full of confidence with belief that from henceforth, you are prepared enough to take on the challenge of nurturing your pets and develop this wonderful hobby.

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