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Must-Have Fish Care Products

Although there are quite a number of different range of fish care products, some I think is a must-have item and will be the most useful of all.

Chlorine Removers

aquarium chlorine removerChlorine removers will ensure that the water is fully free from harmful chlorine before it is added to the aquarium. Chlorine is normally injected in gas form to our tap water supply and it is meant to kill off germs so that it is safe for household consumption. The compound is highly unstable in water and increased agitation of the water by using aquarium air pumps can actually remove the chlorine completely. However, since we will need to add in the water for aquarium use, it is best that the water should first be treated with the chlorine remover so that you are not taking any chance of harming your pet fish health. The main ingredient for all chlorine removers are sodium thiosulphate which will react with free chlorine in the water to form natural salt which is sodium chloride and some traces of ammonium and sulphate compounds.

Aquarium Water Softener

aquarium water softenerAquarium water softener generally helps to stabilize the pH and at the same time control on the hardness level making it suitable for certain types of aquarium fish species like neon tetra, angelfish and goldfish, which prefer soft water. The water softener actually acts as a buffer by providing bicarbonate ions, which will combine with free hydrogen ions (compound causing lower pH in water), and then form carbonic acid and later breaks down into natural carbon dioxide and water. In normal aquarium environment, as the fish produces more waste, this will cause pH to drop rapidly and thus this is where the aquarium water softener comes into play. Nowadays, the product is often sold in pillow form, which can be easily recharged and then reused again so that overall this can help to cut down cost on managing your aquarium.

Stress Coat Reliever

stress coat relieverAquarium stress coat reliever will definitely help to ensure that your fish remains healthy and it is most important to apply for pets which are under stress or either ill and will also help injured fish to recover faster. In addition to that, it can also be used when introducing newly acquired fish to the aquarium and adding stress coat reliever will help cushion the shock, thus assisting them to adjust and acclimatize to the new water environment. Basically it will form a layer of slime coating on the fish surface and using it will also ensure high mortality rate when transferring a fish from one aquarium to another location. Certain brands of aquarium stress reliever will also play some role towards removal of chlorine and break down harmful chloramines as well so this is definitely a must-have product on standby for emergency purpose.

Other important fish care products: basic medication; water test kit

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