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Colorful Tropical Pet Killifish

Tropical Pet KillifishMost of the time selecting the right pet fish can be difficult because one of the main criteria for the perfect fish is about looking for the most colorful and easy-to-care for species. Most tropical varieties do not fit into this requirement because some were not that colorful while others have dull appearances. However, one specific fish that fits into this group is Killifish which is considered one of the most colorful pets suitable for every hobbyist including kids. (Related: best pet fish for kids)

Killifish can be grouped under community fish species that can coexist and live with other aquarium tank mates without showing extreme aggression. They also do not grow up to very large size with most common length reaching only about two inches. The fish is made up of different taxonomic family of related species found living among brackish water spread across different continents. So far, existence of Killifish was reported not just in South America and Africa but also Europe as well. With their diverse population, each individual fish can adopt different appearances with some having bright and wonderful colors in red, blue, green and yellow.

As mentioned earlier, Killifish is also highly sought after because of their hardy nature. Since most of them exist in streams or ponds with low oxygen content, it is within their natural survival instinct that allows them to tolerate and withstand extreme water condition. They are not picky when it comes to foods and one of their favorite in the menu list includes insects, worms and mosquito larvae. They will also readily accept dried fish flakes although I do not recommend giving them this type of food for long term period.

Breeding Killifish in confinement should be easy because if you have dense aquarium live plants in your tank, soon enough you will find small little fry popping out from the corners. To avoid predation and higher survival rate, you should remove the parents and other fish from the tank. However, this does not always pose a problem because the fry can be fast swimmers and will often seek out safe shelter to avoid getting eaten. Their favorite foods during this critical period is mostly dependent on algae grown on plant surface and tank bottom.

Seeing Killifish sold in pet stores can be rare because not all establishments offer them up for sale. Depending on stock and supply, you might be in luck if there's any newly arrived shipment coming in. I would suggest getting the type of Killifish especially those from Africa because of their full range of coloration.

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