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Types of Canister Filter Models

canister filterCanister Filter operates based on the principle of using high-pressure pump to deliver the flow of water through compartments filled with different kinds of filter media. Since it relies on high-pressure pump as a driving force, it can provide better rate of filtration capability and is considered much more efficient than any other aquarium filter system. It can be used in any type of tank set up especially to treat larger volume of water up to capacity measuring more than 50-gallon and above. Canister filter is also flexible in the sense that it can be placed anywhere outside the aquarium and usually it’s a norm for aquarist to place it well hidden under a cabinet stand.

There are different makes and models of canister filter sold in the market these days and all of them offer the same principle of water treatment to purify and clean the aquarium water. One of the main advantages compared to any other system is that, it will be able to provide all 3 different types of filter mechanism (biological, mechanical and chemical) utilizing various filter media like sponges, activated carbon and ceramic cartridge filter. New designs made by different manufacturers like Fluval, Eheim and Marineland were able to come up with advanced models capable of controlling the water flow and the units usually contain multiple chambers so that each compartment can be used to fill up with various filter media.

Canister filter are commonly employed in saltwater marine tanks because the high water output from the discharge tube will ensure that this agitates the water sufficiently so that there are no dead spots and stagnant point in the tank. This is especially important for marine coral tanks because the set up requires oxygen rich water to be returned to the aquarium and high flow of water movement will ensure that the corals will be able to develop well and remain healthy. When it comes to cost advantage, although canister filters are usually priced much higher than any other filter system, they provide higher returns in the long run, in terms of efficiency and overall better performance. This will translate to a lot of saving especially in time needed for maintenance and any other related aquarium management aspects.

Aquarium Filter System for Small Aquariums: Trickle Filter System and Sponge Filter

comparison between fluval and eheimComparing Between Different Fish Filters (Advantages and Disadvantages). How about other brands like the BiOrb?

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