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Pond Vortex Chamber Filter System

A Vortex Multichamber Filter usually comes installed together with the bottom drain during the pond construction. It is often used in large systems whereby there are needs to quickly remove waste and purify the water before it is returned back to the fish pond. Multichamber as the name implies consists of different compartment units whereby each and every one has its own different role and functions to play and it uses a combination of both biological and mechanical filtration to achieve it. Other than ponds, sometimes people also use it in fish farms whereby all the aquarium tanks share a common water system and this requires a filter that is able to handle large volume of waste generated.

Vortex is unique from the other aquarium filtration methods in the sense that there is a special chamber whereby heavy solids such as leaves, fish waste and algae are first removed. Scientifically, to explain it in engineering principle, vortex actually means subjecting the water flow to high speed velocity in order to create a centrifugal force so that heavy components will settle to the bottom. This is more effective than conventional filtration systems because unlike the others for example the undergravel filter that will choke up easily, vortex filter with the special chamber will avoid all these problems in the first place. If you observe your chamber construction design, you will notice that the water has to enter at the side of the box so that a centrifugal force is created, much similar like what you would get when you swirl the water in a rounded tub.

pond vortex chamber filterLet us now look at how the vortex chamber filter works and understanding the underlying principle. This is important so that you will know on what to do if choking occurs or if the water that is returned back to your koi pond is still dirty. As you can see from the diagram shown above and as what was explained earlier, the first compartment is actually the vortex chamber that functions to remove heavy and solid waste. Further on to the next chamber, the second one is actually filled with tiny bristle brushes that provide both biological and mechanical filtration. The next one, which is the third chamber, is filled with biomaze or a honeycomb filter block and finally the water will pass through the last compartment which is basically filled with either ceramic filter or sands so that a polish finishing is applied in order to get crystal clear water.

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