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Protecting Koi Pond Using Cover Nets

Securing your pond with netting is basically one of the most important aspects of koi keeping as it ensures that your pet fish is protected from natural predators like heron and furthermore if you have kids or small pups, that will act as a safety feature preventing them from accidentally falling into the water. Furthermore, if your pond location is situated close to trees, falling leaves will become a major problem to deal with and thus having a secure cover means less time spent on cleaning the debris and maintenance. Netting although may not be that aesthetically pleasing but at least it offers some sense of security that what you are doing is correct and it doesn’t mean you have to cover it all the time. There are different types of pond nets available in the market and a quick survey shows that quite a number of options are available to choose from. Let’s look at some of the most popular ideas that people are using including the favorite selection by koi breeders.

pond netting coverkoi open pond
Hobbyist nowadays prefer pond cover net materials made from polyester with fine mesh size that allows good ventilation and at the same time giving ample and sufficient sunlight to pass through. Basically one of the main criteria that determine your choice and selection is getting a net that will not obstruct in any way and will provide a clear and unrestricted view inside the pond. Usually there is a supporting pole that creates a frame to allow the netting to sit on it but nowadays, the whole structure including the nets and the poles are purchased as a single custom-made items created specifically to cater for your pond size. In fact, there are also protective floating net options which basically can be rolled over to cover the koi pond. The price can vary considerably between suppliers to another and basically the items are graded according to the material of construction and manufacturers’ country of origin. I’ve seen before the knotted type of net covers and these are basically stronger compared to the mesh material and it also lasts far longer than any conventional type. Repairing damaged nets is a time-consuming and costly affair, thus my advice is to choose the right type depending on your needs and purposes.

Pond net covers are also widely used in aquaculture industry as it is a must for them in order for the fish breeders to protect their valuable stock from damage caused by predators. There are some suppliers that uses fine mesh as these offers the best solution to protect from certain bugs like dragonfly that can lay eggs in idle water and once the larvae hatches, it can consume and hunt down small koi fish fry. At times, koi nets are used to prevent the fish from jumping out from the pond although to me, providing netting is not a long term solution as we need to deal with the root cause of the problem itself. Fish willing to jump out from the water is actually a symptom caused by different conditions especially those related to water quality. Although there is no specific root cause to it, some jumpers are known to contact disease and there are unconfirmed reports that fluke or ich could be one of the culprits. Another possible cause to it could be due to cats that loves to grab the fish in its mouth and toss it out and that might lead you to think that the fish actually jumped out from the water, which obviously is not the case. If this is the real problem to all that we have discussed earlier, then netting is the possible solution to address the issue.

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