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Really Cool Pet Fish (Rainbow Shark)

cool pet fish rainbow sharkMy choice and idea of a really cool pet fish would be having a Rainbow Shark. The fish is considered among one of the most popular choice of community tank mates that can mix well with other freshwater species like clown loaches, gouramis and plecos. It should not be confused another home aquarium pet fish known as the red-tailed black shark (which is actually all black except only for the tail fin) although both names suggest resemblance to each other.

What makes rainbow shark considered cool is also due to the fact that they can be relatively easy to care for. Those who have experience looking after common freshwater pet fish will find that their requirements can be less demanding compared to some other species like discus. Physically rainbow shark can only grow up to 6 inches in length and that means aquarium size measuring about 30 gallon is usually sufficient to house a single fish. Avoid mixing two rainbow sharks together because although they will not attack other fish species, they can turn aggressive when there is more than one of the same kind.

There are actually two different variants of this popular fish sold in pet stores. One, which is rather common also known and identified by its scientific name, as Epalzeorhynchos frenatum is usually grayish or orange in color on the body while the fins are dark orange (As shown in the picture above). The other variant is completely white and is the albino type. The color combination of the fish definitely makes them look exciting when placed in a tank full of live aquarium plants.

Feeding the fish and watching them eat can also be fun and cool. With their mouths turning upside down complete with a set of barbels, it is actually meant to scavenge the aquarium sandy bottom beds looking for foods. In fact, they will eat just about anything, which can be found on the bed surface, such as leftover flakes, worms or even tiny shrimps. Because they are generally bottom dweller spending most of their time on the lower half of the tank, you can also mix them with other top dwellers to create a stunning community aquarium. Be careful however, to choose the right tank mates or else your rainbow shark will end up being the dominant species eating all the foods.

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archer fishWant another idea of getting really cool and exciting pet fish? How about the archer fish? It's a brackish aquarium species. Look at how the way they hunt down for insects by shooting a jet of water to make it fall. Pretty neat eh? That's what I think. Guest post submitted by Simon Schmidt

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