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Aquarium Decoration

Aquarium Decoration is actually as important as having the fish itself. Without decoration, the surrounding environment will look dull and boring and the whole aquarium will be pretty much lifeless even with the fish around. There are many types of decoration to choose from to put in your home aquarium. Depending on what you prefer, the most common decoration which you often come across are rocks, clams, gravels, rotating wheels, and driftwood, just to name a few. In fact, you can put literally anything that looks nice as long as it matches the theme of underwater world.

Putting aquarium decoration has many benefits. Other than hiding unsightly aquarium equipments such as filter, heater, tubes from aquarium pump and wires, decoration also help to provide hiding place for certain fish like neon tetra which are rather shy. Putting backdrops could also enhance the beauty of the aquarium and they also simulate a more natural look. Fish also feel more secure as backdrops prevent reflection of the aquarium and exposure from all sides.
aquarium decoration
However, before you have plans to put in aquarium decoration, several factors must first be taken into consideration. Before putting in any object, make sure that it is properly rinsed. Check with the seller on what material it is made from. Basically, try to avoid using objects which are constructed using materials which can degrade over time especially those with certain types of paints which can peel off easily. Safe bet is, the aquarium decoration should only be purchased from your fish store whereby you can be assured that the objects are safe since they are made for sole purpose of aquarium use.

Other than that, go for objects which are easy to clean and maintain. One has to take into consideration that with decoration, comes more work especially when it involves routine work such as changing water and cleaning the aquarium. Avoid decoration which has narrow spots which can accumulate dirt and is potential breeding spots for bacterias which will cause problems related to aquarium fish disease.

Another important consideration aquarium owners should look into is that, try to avoid putting objects with sharp edges. Certain fish like the goldfish are rather clumsy and their style of swimming will cause them to bump into objects and get injured.

Certain objects like limestone and marbles can degrade and cause changes in water chemistry. The substance may slowly dissolve and alter the pH balance, so it's best to avoid using these as aquarium decorations.

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