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Online Monthly Magazine for Aquarium Fish

Getting frequent updates and staying abreast about your favorite fish keeping news are very important and that’s why we have put together a catalogue featuring the most popular topics for your easy reference. Our Online Aquarium Fish Magazine Section here aims to provide up-to-date coverage and latest happenings on what is taking place in the aquarium field. Basically every month, we will select a topic as our featured article so that you will never miss out the hot stuff that is going on.

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The subjects that we will highlight on our monthly issue will be different and you will find that every part related to the topic that we intend to cover will go into details. Whether it is related to fish profile, introducing most common types including introduction of new fish or whether it is on advanced and beginners fish keeping guide, aquarium decorations and aquascaping, you will never get disappointed with what this site has to offer. Best part is that all sections will be written completely free for your fun and enjoyment. Do visit and come back often to check out what’s latest.

The benefits and what you will find interesting here:
  • In-depth study on the best approach to use for your fish keeping technique such as pond management, ways to increase TDO levels, using advanced overflow systems and selection of water filters

  • Shares the latest techniques and common sense to go about with your hobby

  • A first hand look with detailed and elaborate research conducted so that you don’t make the same mistakes others have made

  • Suitable for both experienced and novice enthusiast who have just stated exploring this field

  • Features insights on how to deal with common problems, the right way and done in most professional sense

  • Contains fish photographs to accompany every post so that you will never get lost and stay focused on the topic of discussion

  • It covers about the most popular freshwater and marine fish species such as goldfish, koi, clownfish, neon tetra and many more.

  • And finally, a long list and collection on the “how-to” articles so that you will find all the answers and solutions especially on the aquarium maintenance aspects.

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