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Aquarium Store

aquarium storeAquarium Store does not only sell fish, but also other aquarium supplies like air pump, filter, heater, fish food and water test kit. Each and every one varies in terms of their stock, quality of the items and also service. With different choices in mind, it is always a good idea to visit as many aquarium stores that you can find to evaluate and check out the items yourself. This will give you an opportunity to compare and make up your mind to find out which one offers the best deal before you buy. Other than price, few points to consider are:
  1. Cleanliness of the place and aquarium tanks. If the place is in a mess with waters everywhere and it smells, you will immediately get the impression that the owner does not know how to manage the place well. Same goes with cleanliness of the tanks and check whether there are accumulation of waste in it.
  2. Health of the fish – Does the fish on sale appear listless or inactive? Is there any spot or sign that shows it is infected with fish disease? This is an important criteria to determine whether they provide good stock
  3. Labeling of the fish tank – Does the owner took the effort to label the names for different types of fish including the price? There are some reputable aquarium stores that go up to the extent of providing a brief description such as size of full-grown fish, water requirements like pH and hardness, general behavior and fish compatibility info whether they are suitable for community tank.
  4. Staff Attitude – Is the staff helpful enough to offer advice and assistance? More important, is the information given accurate? Do they really know and have experience with aquarium fish keeping?
  5. Finally, does the shop quarantine the fish before they offer it for sale? The reason why fish needs to be quarantined is because when they arrive from wholesalers, usually the fish are stressed out from their long trip and most of them are infected with fish parasite. Fish stores that put this quarantine measure into practice should be reliable to provide good stock.

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