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Keeping Small Pet Fish

The article here is meant to serve as a guide for those intending to keep Small Pet Fish in their home aquarium.

Firstly, if you have space constraint in the place where you live, then your choice of having your own aquarium should basically be narrowed down only to mini fish tank. With the size of aquarium as the limiting factor, your idea on having small pet fish should either be focused on fish species like corydoras catfish, neon tetra or kribensis dwarf cichlids, better known as colorful rainbowfish.

small pet fishMost beginners to freshwater aquarium always have doubts as to which types of fish they prefer. Different individuals have different preferences and most people nowadays go for smaller sized fish because they are cute, easy to case for and don’t require much space. Another thing to add is that, since you have smaller aquarium, this will also help to cut down time taken for doing tank maintenance.

The best way to find out what you want is to head over to your local aquarium or pet fish store, walk around, and scout until you find the pet that you like. If your idea is to set up a community tank, then you should do a research on deciding which type will compatible with other species. If you have chance to get larger sized aquarium, then your choice of ideal pet can also include freshwater live bearers for example like guppies, platy, black molly and swordtails. Certain fish will also form schools moving in groups while other will swim alone, therefore this will be another consideration to look for.

Aquarium hobby will require a lot of dedication and commitment. Although fish are quiet pet that will not run around but staying only within the tank confinement, they will still demand work to ensure that they have healthy living environment especially water. If you want to spend the least amount of time keeping small pet fish, then another option is to go for betta or better known as Siamese fighting fish. The reason why they make suitable pet is because they demand less aquarium space and can even live in hanging fish bowl without even requiring an aquarium heater or even air pump.

Contrary to everybody’s belief saying that goldfish will qualify as perfect choice for small pet fish, the statement is definitely not true. The main reason is because goldfish is a heavy eater and they can easily grow up to 10 to 15 inches in length depending on different varieties. Finally small fish will definitely make good pet for kids.

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