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Choice of right food growing fish

Aquarium fish right from young baby to a growing adult requires all the best nutrition that it can get. As a pet owner myself, I find that providing the correct choice of foods not only ensure that your fish will achieve maximum growth rate but also the pet will stay healthy with good coloration. There are quite a numbers of packed and bottled foods when you head over to the aquarium store but for me, there are only a few trusted brands that I would purchase for my fish. One of them is Hikari.

You will notice that Hikari is the most complete pet fish food in the market in the sense that you will find wide range and selection of different types to choose from. Starting from the needs for a growing fish fry up to a mature fish and even foods specially made for enhancing unique coloration, I would say those are the best that you can find around comparing against the others. In fact, there are few which I would recommend and let’s have a read up on the reviews on some of them. But however before I proceed, in no way or under any circumstances that I’m connected to them and this allows me to provide unbiased reviews.

aquarium hikari fish brandsHikari Tropical Micro Pellets
These are made customized for small-sized mini fish with that tiny mouth such as betta, glowing neon fish, danios and certain breeds of rainbowfish. One thing good about the food is that I found that my pets fed with the diet combined with live foods will display magnificent full coloration especially rainbowfish. If you want to avoid introducing live feeds, in fact you can also combine it with the Hikari bloodworms (already undergone processing) which we will review later in order to provide a more comprehensive nutrition. With all that combined, I think it is the best choice you could provide for your favorite pet fish.

Hikari Bloodworms
This is another one of the fish food range from the Hikari brand which you will find exciting. The fact is I do not know they could actually process the bloodworm ensuring that it is free for disease, then allowed for storage and still maintained all the best nutritional qualities in it. There are actually two different types when referring to the bloodworms; one is the bio-Pure in a bottled form and another in a plastic transparent packaging. These are not that difficult to find as most of the aquarium stores in local community should have it and I can tell you that my fish will grow wild and excited the moment it is dropped into the tank. Some will fight in order to get a bite of it but just make sure that what you’ve added are all finished to prevent leftover that will leave an unwanted sight.

Sinking Wafers
These are made uniquely for the bottom dwelling tropical fish such as corydoras catfish, plecos and even for small otocinclus which have their mouth facing downwards. One of the ingredient compositions which I’ve read from the packaging indicates that most of the food blend are algae and some other palatable mix. Once dropped into the water, the wafer will immediately dropped down to the bottom of the water without you worrying that your pet fish will not be able to find it. The sinking wafer does not only cater specially for the type of fish that I’ve mentioned earlier but the fact is, any other community fish which can get their mouth to taste the food can also enjoy it as well. I have never seen the food getting rejected because all your fish will definitely chase around to get a bite on it.

Turtle Sticks
Hikari range and brands do not confined towards only aquarium fish but other aquatic species as well such as pet turtles. This is where I find interesting because the sticks are made in such a way that your turtle will immediately grab them as soon as those are added to the tank. You will also be surprised with the long list of ingredients added and packed into every stick. That is where Hikari stands out when it comes to specialized feed manufacturers in the aquarium industry.

Hikari First Bite
Small aquarium fish such as little newly hatched babies usually require something high in nutritional content and yet easy to digest which are very important for their survival. Using this food, you can avoid soaking and then crushing your pellets because the fine size of the first bite will ensure that it will be enough for your young hatchling to feed into their mouths. However, depending on the fish species, certain growing fry are too small to even accept it and Hikari first bite should only comes in months after they reach a certain size of at least 1 inch and above. Refer to this post for different ideas on what to feed baby fish.

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