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Setting up a Cichlid Tank

cichlid tankCichlid fish is one of the most beautiful home aquarium fish. They are popular for their colorful appearance and basically they are easy to take care of which makes them a suitable pet for every fish hobbyist. Most species of cichlids originated from Africa but there are some, which are also native to rivers in Central and South America.

Setting up your own cichlid tank is rather straightforward because basically what is important is that, the tank must be large enough measuring at least 50 gallons and above with sufficient places to hide. Aquarium decorations such as driftwood will provide excellent spot for them to acclimatize to the home aquarium environment much faster. For the aquarium bed, fine substrates such as gravel and sand can be used to create that natural look. Live plants such as Anubias or Vallisneria should be considered as well to be included into the tank.

Depending on the type of cichlids fish species, usually the tank water temperature should be controlled in the region between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. In order to have a clean and manageable cichlid setup, the aquarium must be equipped with high capacity water filter. The reason is because cichlids’ favorite diet mostly consist of meaty foods and thus the water gets dirty easily. The tank lighting is also another important consideration because it must be bright enough to bring out the colorful appearance of your pet.

Today one of the most famous setup is the African Cichlid aquariums, which is made up of either Lake Tanganyika or Lake Malawi cichlids. Both species have different needs in terms of tank water conditions and also dietary requirement and as such, both groups are best separated to their own aquarium. Another option is that, if you are looking for colorful fish, then the Rainbow Krib will also make an excellent choice for your cichlid tank.

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