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Choice of Small Cold Water Fish

small cold water white cloud fishWhen you only have a small-sized tank less than 6 gallon capacity and your choice of fish is the cold water type to keep, then there are only few species that fit into this criteria. Goldfish and Koi although they are cold water fish will be definitely out from your list, as it can easily grow to more than 5 inches in length. Thus, with that space constraint in mind, you might want to consider the white cloud minnows which are a small species originating from the mountains of China.

White cloud minnows is a schooling fish that is generally easy to look after suitable for beginners and most people would consider it as the ideal fish you can get for your kids. Being small, they generally have tiny appetite and this means that with controlled feeding and constantly monitoring the water quality, the tank water will stay clean and hardly gets cloudy. However, be careful though because the pet fish if well cared for will multiply rapidly and their numbers will easily increase in two fold in a matter of years. Thus, your idea of keeping a well-managed tank in your tight living space apartment might not work in the end.

Keeping the cold water fish is rather simple and straightforward. Just like any tropical fish, what they require is generally clean water with variety and abundance of foods available. They will eat foods ranging from white worms to powdered fish flakes made specially to fit in to their small mouth. The only difference that you might find different is that while tropical tank will require installation of heaters to bring up the water temperature if it’s too cold, with a cold water aquarium having the white cloud minnows, you will need an aquarium chiller in place, in case, temperature rises rapidly during the summer. White cloud minnows are not fussy fish and you will find that they can easily adapt and live in your mini fish tank.

There are challenges however, when it comes to keeping this small fish. Though they generally adapt well, sometimes you might find that they are quite susceptible to catching fin rot and white spot (ich) disease. To prevent this, make sure that temperature is always constant and any introduction of new fish to your existing tank should be quarantined before they are added in. You will find information about treating infected fish disease on the related page by following the link above. Nonetheless, if everything is fine, your white cloud minnows should have a life span of 3 years or more if you pampered them. Choice of other small fish you can consider to keep as pets. For saltwater marine enthusiast, the Catalina Goby should qualify as perfect choice for nano aquariums.

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