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About Glass Catfish Care Requirements

transparent glass fishGlass Catfish is a special type of transparent odd-looking fish which you can actually see-through and view its internal organs and bones. The fish is considered an ideal middle dweller aquarium species that thrive with the presence of other friendly community tank mates such as cory cats and hatchets. I would suggest having those two with your glass catfish and with one being a bottom dweller and the hatchets being a top dweller, this will definitely create a stunning looking community aquarium with different mix of fish.

The glass catfish is generally a shoaling species which means that they are best kept in a group of 4 or more of the same fish. They can sometimes be very particular about what you feed to them because basically with their small mouth size, you need to ensure that those floating flakes are tiny enough for them to swallow. Normally what I will give to them are basically the same kind of foods which you can buy to feed for your neon tetra and if you decided to provide live foods, make sure that the worms such as tubifex are put in a feeding cup so that they can eat from it.

The fish is also very susceptible to disease and unless you have a fully cycled tank, don’t try to add them in and hope for a miracle to happen. The fact is, the fish takes quite a long time to adjust itself to its new tank environment. Mine took almost a week and constantly hiding and its body turning almost pale white. Most people made the mistakes thinking that everything would be fine afterwards but in actual fact, complications only arise after a certain period and by the time you notice that something is not right, it will already be too late. However, most people get alarmed when the fish lost it feelers/whiskers or it just dropped off and become shortened, but there is nothing to worry about because it is just a natural thing and will grow back.

Spending your time watching the transparent fish going around with their daily activities is a very interesting thing to do during your pass time. When feeding, you can actually see the food as it travels from the mouth going to the stomach and those who have never seen before will definitely impressed with it. In fact, most of the people that I’ve showed the fish to them think that they are really cool and unique in its special way. Glass catfish usually spend most of their time staying idling with their heads pointing up and don’t be alarmed thinking that they are acting strange. Before you go about putting the fish in your community tank make sure that there a lot of hiding place created by tall aquatic plants so that your pets will feel like at home.

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