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Guide Selecting Low Maintenance Pet Fish

Being new to the aquarium hobby, ideally you would want to make most of it and enjoy as much as possible but the real fact is that, this was often not the case. Most of the time, people found that after getting their feet wet and then learning the whole process, it turns out that things are sometimes quite complicated and difficult to comprehend. No matter how advanced the aquarium technology has evolved which provides the best setup to automate the whole process of taking care of your pets, like having automatic fish feeder to expensive temperature regulators, one way or another you will still need to intervene in order to make sure that everything runs smoothly. So the question now is how you can still enjoy fish keeping without the sacrificing the luxury of your time and precious hours? Obviously your best bet should be about getting the right fish that requires very little care and for sure, one which is overall the low maintenance type.

Not all fishes that you see sold in pet stores are the same. Most people often confused themselves and take things for granted because they have never imagined how demanding all these little fellows can be. Soon when they found out that things don’t turn out the way that they wanted it to be like having to deal with problems such as cloudy aquarium, sick fish, so on, eventually it will lead to getting caught in the state of frustration. So after hearing all the dilemmas and scary thoughts, how do we actually proceed from here? Okay, for starter, some fancy varieties with beautiful colors are often saltwater fish which unfortunately you have to strike off from your shopping list because these pets will require a lot of commitment to ensure that they stay alive. Freshwater fish is definitely your best bet but looking at so many options which one is really the right type of fish for you? This guide here will provide some considerations and recommendations towards selecting your perfect pet fish companion.

Moving on.. Your first step towards having low maintenance tropical tank.

blue grass male guppyGuppies make great starter fish. Not only because they are cheap but also the main reason is that they are very tolerant of any harsh aquarium condition. The fish only grows average to about 2 inches in length (although some cross bred can attain bigger size) and basically what is more important is that they are very beautiful with vibrant colors plus attractive markings seen on their fins and bodies. The male fish are considered very active and that is one important element that you are looking for in a pet fish and sometimes what makes you attracted to them spending all your time watching every movement is that they almost swim non stop. You can often find them chasing after the female fish which very sad to say is very pale in comparison to the males and one of the problems related to keeping guppies is that they reproduce very fast. Under optimal best living condition, you will find that they multiply quickly and their numbers will fill up and occupy the whole tank but all these can be avoided if you only purchase the male fish. Most hobbyists make it a point to keep and retain only the males and so this is one of the options that you might want to consider. You can read more about guppies here.

platies pairPlaties are grouped under the same category of fish similar like the guppies but however, they don’t display the wide variety and selection of coloration compared to the guppies. Being a tolerant and hardy fish they can also withstand changes in the tank which means that they are more forgiving if let’s say you ended up making mistakes not watching closely the water chemistry. Platies also reproduce very fast but one of the traits that is often despised upon is that sometimes they can ended up fighting and showing aggression towards each other due to competition of foods and companion. Other than that, they make wonderful addition to the community tank and they will not have much problem adjusting themselves to their new home and environment. Thus, I would suggest for you to consider getting the platies as one of your tank addition if the idea of low pet maintenance is something top of the agenda going on in your mind.

Finally, I’ve compiled together all fish keeping resource here on this site which I suggest you check it out to help you get started on your journey.
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