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If you are looking for the latest updates on aquarium news magazine, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether it is related to freshwater or saltwater topics, All About Aquarium Fish will provide monthly coverage to keep you stay abreast on everything about your favorite hobby and also what you need to know about the latest happenings in the aquarium industry. Things related to aquatic technology, fish care profile, knowledge database will be discussed and covered in details.

Let’s look at the review one by one starting from October 2010 onwards.

October 2010
October 2010 Magazine IssueThis issue talks about tower aquariums and why as a serious fish lover who is a die-hard hobbyist, you should stay away from getting it. There are quite a number of reasons mainly related to the fact that it will not only complicate your tasks of keeping the fish healthy but overall, aquarium management will become extremely difficult. It will go into details in which there are 3 of them on why there are disadvantages of using tower aquarium. Read about it here.

November 2010
November 2010 Magazine IssueIf you are looking for the type of fish that are friendly in nature which you can hand feed and then getting intimate, then koi is definitely the pet that fits into this criteria. They are known as one of the most intelligent and lovable fish around. But however, do you realize that sometimes your koi may not exhibit or show the type of affection that you are expecting? The November 2010 issue will talk about how you can prevent this by analyzing the possible ways that you cause you koi to become frightened. Although most people will think this is just a petty issue that will go away on its own, I just have to disagree. Check out the whole content about frightened koi.

December 2010
December 2010 Magazine IssueKuhli Loach is perhaps one of the most commonly heard household pet fish names. It is often preferred to be added to the community aquarium mainly to fill up the bottom region of the tank. Although being a custom name in the aquarium field, kuhli loach can sometimes be very difficult to take care of and handle. The article written for the December 2010 issue will look at every aspect towards handling this easy-to-care for but yet delicate fish that can sometimes quite difficult to comprehend. It contains general care sheet and other information on what you should do to make sure they blend in well to the aquarium community. Kuhli Loach.

January 2011
January 2011 Magazine IssueThis is the first issue for the year. Have you ever find it difficult especially when you are going through a list of different types of fish food but not sure which one is the best to choose for your pets? Well, the topic covered in the January issue will address and look into this problem. It will help you choose and basically it also talks about recommendation and reviews about selecting the best fish food to be given to your precious pets. Definitely a must-read for those wannabe who is keen on developing a champion fish and become the expert fish breeder. Choice of food for your fish.

If you need to search for past editions, you can head over to the page and search through the archive. The magazine has been catalogued according to month by month so that your task of searching will become easier.

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