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Aquarium Fish Disease – Ich or White Spot

Ich (or White Spot Disease) can be devastating on your community tank. Basically it can directly transmit from one fish species to another as long as it is within the same aquarium confinement. Early signs of disease can be seen with development of white spots that looks like tiny pimples on the outer surface of the fish. Fish infected with ich will often swim in erratic matter trying to scratch itself on the aquarium bottom surface, rocks or even anything it will come in contact with.
White spot is usually introduced in the aquarium through introduction of infected fish. It can also develop as a result of poor water quality and fish suffering from this disease offer suffer from other parasitic and bacterial infection due to the open wound caused by the heavy scratching. If left untreated, it will lead to painful death and as such it might be a good idea to treat the fish for early signs of disease.

fish ich
Clown Loach with early signs of ich developing

Usually, treatment can be done using salt. Before administrating treatment, remove all aquarium plants and perform 50% water change. Add 2 teaspoonful to every gallon of aquarium water and repeat the same step by changing the water every 48 hours and then bring up the salt concentration once again. Throughout the whole procedure, try to ensure water temperature is constant and remember consistent treatment is the key to success. This is because the ich life cycle can be hard to dealt with and usually signs of disease will crop up once again after weeks. It is therefore advisable for the owner to perform extreme observations during the period and react according if signs of ich show up once again.

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