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Keeping Midas Cichlid as Pet

Red Midas CichlidMidas Cichlid is one of the largest and most aggressive fish that can grow up to 15 inches in length. The fish is best kept in its own tank away from the other fish and so far my attempts to breed the species has resulted in failure because the newly introduced females were attacked upon introduction. (Usually in order to make things easier, I would suggest you use a fish tank separator to study their interaction before mixing the male and female together). The fish is often identified and mistaken with another type of cichlids known as the flowerhorn or “lou han” as what most Asian fish breeders have come to name it, mainly because of the presence of a large hump on its forehead. If you are an avid aquarium hobbyist who likes to pet your fish by touching it, I would advice against doing so with Midas Cichlid because they are notorious for having a knack to bite on fingers.

Unlike flowerhorn, which doesn’t have its own scientific name because its crossbred nature, the Midas Cichild is a native species that is caught from the rivers of Costa Rica in South American region and domesticated in home aquarium. Being a tropical fish, Midas Cichlid preferably should be kept in warm waters in the region between 27 to 30 degrees Celsius and water hardness around 8 to 10 dGH with the requirements similar just like the Discus Fish. In terms of diet, they are considered predatory fish that likes to chase after their food and they will accept just about anything from small sized fish, live worms including freshwater snails as well.

orange midas cichlid pictureToday, Midas Cichlid is a popular freshwater fish that are sold in almost any aquarium stores. With selective breeding, it is quite common to find different variety of color mix to choose from like red and orange. Setting up your own aquarium for your newly acquired pet is quite simple because the best setup should be a barren bottom acrylic tank with presence of at least a driftwood to provide a hiding place to make them feel safe at home. Basically in order to grow the best and most healthy Midas Cichlid, the aquarium size should at least measure 55 gallons and above to ensure that they can grow to the maximum length. If you are a first timer in aquarium fish keeping, you can also read more on the blogpost that talks about this topic related on how to setup your first cichlid tank.

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