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Unique Hanging Fish Bowl

fish bowlPerhaps one of the most exciting and latest additions within the aquarium community is the Hanging Fish Bowl, which is getting popular among fish enthusiasts who fancy something different. This unique aquarium setup is bound to decorate and blend well into any living room environment, bathrooms and even kitchens. Designed and made with crystal clear acrylic view, everything can be easily setup within minutes and it also comes complete with fish accessories like colorful gravel.

While it looks nice, there are a few disadvantages when it comes to having hanging fish bowl. Since it’s wall mounted, it can only support and accommodate small volume of water usually measuring about 2 gallons in size. There is no filter in place as part of the aquarium kit and with limited swimming space, only few species of fish are suitable to be kept in it. While most hobbyist will simply hop into the idea about getting goldfish, it is definitely not an option here because any species measuring 5cm or above in length will find it hard to adapt and live in it.

There are two different types of fish that I would recommend for your hanging fish bowl. One is betta since it can withstand tight living space without high oxygen requirement and another is neon fish for its small size. Just like any other aquarium setup, one of the basic things that you must do to ensure that the fish stays healthy is to conduct regular water changes together with frequent tank cleaning since lower volume without aquarium filter will mean water gets dirty easily. Even feeding schedule has to be controlled and routine water checking using test kits has to be carried out on regular basis.

Despite the disadvantages, there are a few good points that come along with it. First with wall-mounted hanging fish bowl, you can save a lot of space and you don’t have to worry about bumping into it. The fish is located at your eye viewing level and thus you can see your pets clearly.

Finally if you fancy similar concept, with hanging design to go along with your pets’ need for space, then I would suggest getting a hanging fish tank instead of bowl.

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