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Tropical Fish For Sale

buy tropical fishTropical Fish for sales are now not only done through your local fish shop but are also widely carried out using the internet. Most people prefer going personally and shop for their new fish and they find that by doing this way, it is lot more fun and exciting since you get to see the fish swimming around to pick and choose. From there, you will immediately know whether the fish is healthy and most important, do check carefully whether all the fins are intact. Avoid choosing fish which rest quietly at the bottom or floating around and seldom moves. If you are lucky enough and pay close attention, you will end up with the most friendly and active fish. Going to the local fish shop also means you get to talk personally with the sales person to get information on the fish you are about to purchase. This form of communication also means more information can be exchanged. All these are important so that you will understand your fish better and get yourself prepared.

On the other hand, for those people who do not have time and prefer shopping from the comfort of their home, going online to the internet to purchase their new fish for their aquarium is also another option. Different from going personally to local fish shop, you don't actually get to see the fish swimming around and basically the fish that you receive is the one chosen by the seller. Buying through the internet also means subjecting the fish to trauma caused by handling during transportation and shipment. Depending on the distance between your location and the sender's location, these could take days to arrive. Between that period, the fish will go through difficult time without fish food and is subjected to stress. Most of the time, the fish will arrive in poor condition (sometimes sick with fish ich disease) although originally it was in a healthy state. This means that the fish will have to go through a dormant period to recover and also more time for it to acclimatize to new environment. Compared to going personally, buying tropical fish online also means no interaction between the seller and buyer although this can be done through emails. It is to my personal opinion, information does not get through effectively as compared to talking person to person.

Another important aspect to consider whenever there is tropical fish for sales is that, always look for the best price and value for your money. Important consideration that will affect price range include:
1) types and species of fish you are buying - arowara will cost more, while guppies are far less. Sometimes even fish from the same species will differ in the price due to demand based on color and appearance.
2) size of the order - more will cost less therefore it's always best to buy in bulk (share/sell to friends if you have excess)
3) location to where the stocks are to be delivered if you are buying online

In order to get good value for your money, always conduct a research based on the points stated above and negotiate for a good price. Hope this helps.

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