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Online Pet Fish Sales

Ever fancy going online to purchase new pet fish for your community aquarium? Most of the time we are presented with endless choice and it’s hard to know whether we might be overcharged paying the fish.

Below is the list of expected price range for different types of aquarium fish gathered around the internet. Hopefully this can serve as a guide to use when you shop for your perfect new tank mates. If you like to know more about the different fish species and the related information, you can also click on the link which will take you to the individual profile fact sheets.



Price: $6 - $10
Scientific name:
Pterophyllum altum
Full grown size: 6 inches

Ease of care: moderate
Corydoras Catfish

corydoras catfish

Price: $2 - $5
Scientific name: Corydoras aeneus
Full grown size: 3 inches

Ease of care: easy
Clown Loach

clown loach

Price: $5 - $20
Scientific name:
Botia macracanthus
Full grown size: 12 inches

Ease of care: moderate
Dwarf Gourami

dwarf gourami

Price: $8 - $13
Scientific name: Colisa lalia
Full grown size: 2 inches

Ease of care: moderate


Price: $2 - $3
Scientific name:
Xiphophorus maculatus
Full grown size: 2 inches

Ease of care: easy
Neon Fish

neon tetra

Price: $2 - $3
Scientific name: Paracheirodon innesi
Full grown size: 1 inch

Ease of care: moderate

Need something different for a change? Get some freshwater clams as new addition for your pet fish tank or you can even consider mixing your favorite fish with turtles.

comparison between fluval and eheimComparing Between Different Fish Filters (Advantages and Disadvantages). How about other brands like the BiOrb?

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