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most beautiful fish

Tips for Successful Aquarium Fish Keeping

  1. Avoid drastic fluctuation in water quality by conducting periodic water parameters checking especially for pH, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate level

  2. Maintain constant aquarium water temperature at all times. If possible, consider using temperature regulators like aquarium heater to help you on that.

  3. Perform regular water changes and replace only maximum one third of the aquarium water each time. Make sure the water is properly treated before adding to the aquarium and in the case of salt water aquarium, ensure that right percentage of salt is added.

  4. Feed well balanced and include variety of diets that consists of live and processed dry food. Avoid overfeeding so that water quality is easy to control and fish remains healthy.

  5. Ensure adequate aquarium filtration and aeration by using filters and air pumps to allow exchange of gas and removal of waste at the same time.

  6. If possible, grow aquarium plants so that there is sufficient hiding place and fish won’t easily get shocked and terrified. Plants also help to covert harmful ammonia and nitrite to less toxic nitrate thus providing natural aquarium environment for your fish.

  7. Find out and research in-depth to look for every information you can find about your fish to understand their behavior so that you can strive to provide the best optimum living condition.

  8. Provide large aquarium space for your fish and do not overcrowd. Find out what is the best aquarium size to accommodate the right number of fish.

  9. Perform regular care and maintenance such as servicing the filter, removing algae and waste including tank cleaning.

  10. Always be on the alert and watch out for early signs of illness. Aquarium fish disease such as ich, dropsy and fin rot can be devastating. Administer treatment using fish medicine as early as possible once detected.

  11. And finally…..Watch them swim and develop the love and tender care for your pets. Fish especially goldfish and arowana can recognize their owners and will get intimate whenever there's a chance. Once you start to love and appreciate your pets, item number 1-10 will come naturally in your mind without ever need to be reminded
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