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Choosing Names for Pet Fish

pet fish namesWhen you first purchased your pet fish, there are long list of things to do like making sure it can adjust well to new aquarium environment, observing whether it can get along well with other tank mates and doing other things like studying its feeding habit. But one of the most exciting part is also choosing the right name which you can easily remember and best describe its behavior.

Listed below are some of the names which I’ve categorized based on different coldwater and tropical fish species and the fish names are selected with considerations put in mind based on your pet fish characteristics like aggressive temperament, docile behavior and whatever best describe it. Whether it is meant to be funny, comical, cute, silly, adorable, all the names have been carefully thought of for your special pets and it’s up to you to choose. Sometimes you may not find what you want but hopefully those can give you an idea on what is it like and maybe change it a little in order for it to be special.

Name are very important as it represents your lovely pet and it might be a good idea to make it as unique as possible.

Fish SpeciesSuggested Fish Names
AngelfishAnnie, Maple, Molly, Munchie, Vera
BettaAlpha, Buzzle, Barry, Bob, Ruffle
CatfishBowie, Whiskey, Spidey, Spike, Wyvern
Clown LoachCoolie, Duff, Moose, Hank, Trex
DanioNoah, Jiff, Pete, Flippy, Flake
DiscusAmber, Hootie, Nicky, Muffin, Wayne
GouramiBoom, Moose, Hank, Kim, Kissy
GoldfishAngel, Bubbly, Hazel, Puff, Goth
GuppyBizzie, Ginger, Ginny, Pepper, Vincy
Angle, Abbey, Jumpie, Limpy, Loop
Jazz, Rainy, Pinky, Creamy, Marble
KoiAce, Megan, Noel, Roland, Tabby
Neon TetraTed, Elf, Glowy, Shorty, Winnie
OscarAlexis, Rock, Bully, Matey, Mole
PlatyAsh, Alley, Reddie, Loop, Boom
Red-Tailed SharkBuffy, Brad, Boom, Cheeky, Tommy
Silver DollarAl, Amber, Caff, Fin, Hazy
SwordtailAmber, Hootie, Nicky, Muffin, Wayne
Tiger BarbPicky, Jerky, Nippy, Ralf, Ruffie

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