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All Glass Aquarium

glass aquariumGetting a nice and suitable home for your fish is very important. Things like space, quality of the material, should be put into consideration to ensure that the aquarium will last long for us to get the most satisfaction out of fish keeping.

Basically there are two types of commercially available aquarium. One is an All glass aquarium and another is Acrylic aquarium. An all glass aquarium is actually a simple assembly of precut pieces of glass joined together using silicone sealant.

Generally people nowadays don’t prefer an all glass aquarium anymore. There are several reasons, but most notable is that an all glass aquarium has a lower transparency rating compared to acrylic aquarium. Although these transparency rating can be somewhere between 80 - 90% poorer, there are of course some good quality ones sold in the market with transparency rating close and comparable to that of acrylic type. While the main purpose on having aquarium in the first place is to house the fish and capture its beauty with a clear view, an all glass aquarium will turn out to be the less preferred choice.

It is also considered heavy even when it is empty and for those who have little kids running around the house, they should also forget about getting an all glass aquarium. Depending on its thickness and quality of glass, just a tiny knock could lead to cracks and possibility of leaking or the whole aquarium bursting might occur. There are also cases whereby home owners were shocked to find water flooding everywhere with dead fish when the glass joint area suddenly gave way. All these are possible with an all glass aquarium. However, there are still many benefits to it.

First, The cost of an all glass aquarium is much less compared to acrylic type. The price can be somewhere around two to three times cheaper compared to acrylic aquarium. For novice fish keepers who have just started with fish keeping hobby and are therefore less willing to spend, getting a self-made all glass aquarium can be a good start. All one has to do is to purchase the materials needed and then start to work on it. But be careful however to get the correct glass thickness ratio measured against tank capacity which is very important. If this is not calculated properly, you could end up having a leaking aquarium or worst still shattered glass.

An all glass aquarium are also more scratch-resistant meaning that it would take material with sharp edges and greater force to create noticeable markings. However, this does not mean it is 100% scratch-resistant.

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