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Custom Aquarium

Custom Aquarium is specially designed and built according to space requirement, individual preferences, and aesthetic purpose in mind. These types of aquariums were made specially for people who prefer to have something unique and different to grace their living room, at the same time become home for their lovely pet fish.

custom aquarium
Wave Front Aquarium and Bow Front Aquarium

Basically when looking for your perfect custom aquarium, first of all decide on which shape you want it to be. Nowadays a wide range and array of shapes and sizes can be custom-made from bow front, wave front, cylindrical, hexagonal even up to quarter cylinder (or better known as corner aquarium).

Usually when buying your choice of custom aquarium, be prepared to pay for premium price as sometimes the markup could be at least 2-3 times higher compared to standard home aquarium. Nowadays different online manufacturers can be found selling different types of these specially designed aquarium and even delivered straight to your doorstep. If you are not comfortable and would like to witness and examine more closely, you would suggest you head over to a aquarium fish store to have a first hand look.

Having a custom aquarium also has its advantages. One of the benefit is that, you could even request for special design with holes for the tubes from the air pump, extra metal fitting to accommodate your aquarium filter, a special latch to hold extra aquarium lighting or even an extra place for hanging fish food dispenser. Custom aquarium may be pricey but the good thing is that it is always money well spent.

Aquariums can also be further customized to have a back wall so that the fish will have more sense of security and this certainly helps to create a well-decorated fish tank. These backdrops in the form of underwater landscape actually hide away the glare and prevent reflective double images especially for those all glass customized tank. If you are not a person who fancies handicraft work, then I would suggest getting a prefab aquarium which already has the background attached to it. This will certainly saves time and therefore you could start away with your fledgling hobby.

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