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Factors Causing Fish to Lose Colors

fish losing colorsSometimes despite what you have done to ensure that your pets get the best of everything, your fish might still be losing colors and remain dull and pale. Before you jump into conclusion, consider few related facts that can cause this condition. First ask yourself, is your fish healthy? How sure are you that it is not sick or develop infection to disease? As a fish owner, you must remember that it is very common for pets to fall sick so you need to be prepared.

You will also find that most of the time newly purchased fish is fast losing colors but there is no reason to press the panic button. It takes fish some time to adjust itself to new aquarium and thus give it chance and a brief period to recover and get used to the new environment. Frightened fish will also not show its true colors and usually during this period, it will become very pale. It will dash quickly looking for cover for any slight movement in its surrounding but as soon as it gets used to it, the fish will become friendlier and thus its colors will return.

Color changes can also happen because of deteriorating health of the fish and each time you notice that the fish is fast losing its appearance, it is a sign that you should act quickly to find out what went wrong. Most of the time, these conditions are related to water quality and a quick check on the parameters will reveal what went wrong. Finally do not get fooled by unscrupulous fish traders that will sometime trick you into buying your fish. There are somehow cases whereby the fish is fed or injected with chemicals which provide temporary color enhancing effect and you will be surprised how bright it can be but will soon fade away very fast in a matter of days.

Finally one last factor that you should not miss out is that sometimes certain fish display strong bright coloration only during certain period of its life especially during breeding season. This condition happens in Kribensis which is a type of cichlids fish and therefore, do not get carried away or frustrated when despite what you have done; you still can’t bring out the colors of your pets. The fact is that they only display strong brightly multicolored appearance during mating time and it is done by the females to attract the male fish.

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