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Koi Pond Aeration System

koi pond aeration systemIt is important that a Koi Pond should be equipped with a good Aeration System to ensure that the water has a homogeneous mixing since a typical depth for a well set up pond can be as deep as 6 feet. Although buying the whole unit including installation will easily cost anywhere between few thousand dollars, there are many advantages on why having the aeration system will ensure that you have a well and easy-to-managed koi pond. Let’s discuss every aspect and details of it.

Uneaten and leftover fish food tends to sink to the bottom of the koi pond and as time passes by, the accumulation of these slow decaying materials will cause a huge buildup of noxious gases. The situation is aggravated to become even worse especially if there’s no proper pond aeration system, and since the bottom layer seems to be void of oxygen, anaerobic conditions will mean decomposition will generate toxic compounds which have no place to go to. Rotting materials will also fill the bottom area with think layer of sludge and with worsening cleanliness condition, this will also mean that the area will promote growth of pathogens including bacteria that will cause fish disease.

Control of clear water quality is another important aspect that will ensure that your koi fish will achieve proper growth and development of color. Although having a good pond filtration system will ensure that the water stays clean, wider pond area of over 1 acre will mean that not all the water will be able to fed to the system to ensure filtration takes place. With combination of an aeration system working in tandem with a pond filter system, this will ensure that the water is properly agitated and mixing all around before being pumped in to the filtration unit.

A well setup koi aeration system will also ensure that there is more dissolved oxygen spread around available for your pet fish. Aeration will overcome problem related to “stagnant point” whereby it basically refers to a dead spot whereby there is no flow or movement of freshwater. Better aeration system can be achieved by having diffusers so that there are more surface area for exchange of gas and thus increasing amount of dissolved oxygen in the water. Other methods such as using the Oxydator can also work to achieve the same results. This will definitely help to ensure that you have a healthy and more active koi fish.

Other than that, with proper water circulation, your pets can easily find its live foods especially planktonic crustacean like daphnia and other benthic organisms moving around. Water movement will also prevent algae growth that will just accumulate on the pond top surface and this also helps to contain problems related to green water bloom. This is important because buildup of algae will affect aquatic plant growth at the bottom of the pond.

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