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Starter Fish Tank Beginners

Beginner Fish TankStarter Fish Tank is considered an ideal all-in-one setup kit suitable for beginners especially kids. Today there are quite a number of major brands like biOrb, Aquapac and Elite just to name a few that produces high quality aquarium pack comes complete with ready to assemble fish supplies like filter, lighting and hood and this includes water conditioner as well. All these are fairly easy to setup and maintain and it all comes with different sizes ranging from as small as 10-gallon up to 20-gallon aquarium.

Once you have made up your mind and purchased your starter tank, it is time to prepare and start cycling the water to make it suitable to house your pet. Usually a good practice is never to put in your choice of fish that you intend to rare but instead go for low quality “starter fish” like guppy, mollies, platy and swordtail. These starter fish are selected because of their hardy nature, which can tolerate wider range and changes in water parameter and survive the ordeal.

Once the water condition has settled and the nitrogen cycle begins to establish, then only it’s time to put in your favorite fish. If have you purchased a starter fish tank larger than 20-gallon, usually you can choose to setup a community aquarium which houses different types of fish with the same water requirements. But before you do that, check on fish compatibility among individual species that you intend to rare so that you don’t end up losing your precious pets.

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