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Cheap Aquarium Food Supplies

cheap aquarium food using microwormsGrowing your own microworms is perhaps the cheapest alternative of food supply for your fish fry and other smaller aquarium pet fish like neon fish and guppies. Setting up your own microworms hatchery is not exactly difficult because once you get the starter culture growing, all you need to do is to ensure is that the whole cycle repeats itself without losing the original stock. Listed below is basically what you need to get everything started.

Microworms starter culture is easily available from aquarium pet stores and a single pack that comes in a small container cup should not cost more than $5. This is considered cheap because if you were to buy normal blood worms, it could easily cost you a lot more in the long run as you will need to resupply the food once it is finished. But before you purchase your starter culture, let’s prepare the food needed in order to grow these microworms.

Food for the microworms is actually yeast, which you can buy from retail stores. Start by first preparing a plastic container with the top cover drilled with holes. Once this is done, mix in a medium sized box of oats together the yeast to the container and then add in enough water so that the yeast will begin to grow. The microworms culture, which you will add later part will then feed on the yeast and in about two days, the worms will start to crawl up from the sides of the container. Microworms is a good choice of cheap aquarium live food not just because of the cost factor but the high nutritional content will ensure that your fish fry grows much faster while the adult fish will showcase their full potential of bright colors.

Once the initial container of microworms starts to foul, it is time prepare a new batch by repeating the steps mentioned earlier. If properly carried out, it is possible to provide endless supply of fish food without ever heading to the aquarium stores. A word of caution however, if you intend to feed microworms to your pet fish, just make sure that your aquarium tank should have a bare bottom setup without gravel or else it is impossible for the fish to find it once it sinks beneath the layer of gravel.

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