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How to ensure your Chagoi attain Maximum Size

kin-gin-rin chagoiChagoi is distinguishable from the other types of koi based on its larger than normal overweight-looking size while another feature that sets them apart is the coloration in which they often appears in fading copper brown with some displaying slightly pale red. They are grouped under the Kawarimono koi classification or judging standards which is basically a special fish family that consists of all the non-metallic koi with plain colors (which also includes the Benigoi varieties).

There are basically different sub-divisions in which the chagoi can be further classified into their own category. One of it and fast becoming popular is the Kin-Gin-Rin Chagoi (as seen in the insert picture to your right) known for its sparkling coat of scales which will shine and give the fish silky looking appearance. However, one should not confuse the fish with the metallic koi groupings as they are special in their own attributes not shared with each other. They are also famous and popular for their friendly nature which likes to mingle and swim around close to the owner and they are often added to calm a pond full of easily frightened koi. Once you have added them, in about a week, you will notice that the other fish will start to follow the footsteps of the chagoi and will be more open to hand feed from your palm.

The koi are mostly sold as a young juvenile fish as most people prefer to get them while they are at their growing stage. Reason is simple as it would be more fun watching them putting on their weight as they develop. Most koi lovers actually bought them not because of the coloration or even their friendly nature but based on the factor that they want to develop their pets into giant-sized fish and of course the bigger the better. Because of them fitting into this category, chagoi is always the preferred choice when size is your main consideration. They are also one of the special groups displaying the fastest growth rate with the female chagoi outpacing the males in terms of overall weight. Usually you will notice the females will put on a plump-looking appearance on the belly especially when they are full of eggs.

With that in mind, needs for high protein diet with extra supplement such as those found in Hikari or Dainichi koi foods is highly recommended. Chagoi kept in outdoor ponds are usually bigger in comparison, most probably because of the presence of natural sunlight that they are getting which helps to keep them stay healthy. From time to time, you can also consider providing your pets with algae flakes which they will surely enjoy. Another basic rules when it comes to fish keeping is that always ensure that water quality is clean all the time with the help of filter system and if you can afford it, get the largest pond which you can afford to buy. If everything goes on fine, a typical chagoi can add over an inch every month to their length and soon even your friends will be amazed with the achievement that you’ve made caring for your favorite fish.

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