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Buy Tropical Fish

Any fish hobbyist is always excited when it comes to buying new tropical fish. In fact, there are always questions as to what criteria are best used when selecting their new pet. First, let’s ask ourselves what we want and then decide properly before we jump into it. The following points should be taken into consideration.

1) There are many types of aquarium fish and each has its own unique characteristics. The neon tetra for example, is a schooling fish and will form groups. There are certain fish which are very territorial like the arowana and is best kept to its own species. You can actually ask yourself, which size, color, and appearance do you prefer?

2) Do you consider yourself an experienced or beginner? If you are an expect you can go for those fish which require patience and a lot of attention especially discus while for beginners they should consider to start off with guppies.

3) How much time are you willing to commit? Certain fish like the goldfish will eat a lot and is known to generate a lot of waste. They would also mean more time and commitment to maintain perfect water quality.

4) What size of aquarium do you have? Big aquarium is generally recommended because it is easy to maintain constant water parameters and slight changes in the water chemistry will not cause large difference. Bigger sized aquarium also means you can stock more fish but be careful not to overcrowd.

5) Do you prefer matured or young fish fry? If you like watching a fish grow, it is a good idea to get the younger ones. It is very exciting as you observe the changes and learn to appreciate living creature. If you are not into that, then buy a matured fish.

6) How much are you willing to spend? Certain fish due to high demand like the discus will cost a lot while guppies are much cheaper.

Hopefully these will serve as a useful guide to help and buy tropical fish.

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