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Peaceful Betta imbellis Fish Compatibility

Peaceful Betta ImbellisBetta imbellis, a species belonging to the betta fish family is also famous among fish hobbyist known as the type of betta fish that can coexist and live peacefully with its own kind without engaging in a fight. Because of its nature, the fish is also sometimes referred to as peaceful betta. Unlike its cousin, Betta splenden which will get involved in a duel that eventually leads to death, B. imbellis will even tolerate presence of other fish unless it is heavily provoked or during the period when it is defending its bubble nest territory. Therefore, peaceful betta is also classified under the group of fish known as community species.

Betta imbellis look closely similar and resembles its betta cousin and it is really difficult to distinguish between those two. Other than the community behavior, betta imbellis is also comparably smaller in size often reaching only maximum about 5cm in length. In terms of body coloration, the fish is also less attractive with fewer color combination that mostly confined to green, grey and black with patches of pale red plus blue. Sometimes even among experienced fish breeder, Betta imbellis can often be wrongly identified and mistaken to be part of the other group of fish.

Both species also share the same geographical origins that mostly belong to parts of peninsular Malaysia, Thailand and Sumatra in Indonesia. They are commonly found in ditches located at paddy fields with brownish murky waters. Since betta fish is a labyrinth species, they will not have any problem breathing in an oxygen-deprived environment, as they actually have lungs to enable them to take in normal air just like human does. The male and female peaceful betta can also be easily identified because the females will have much shorter fins.

Keeping and caring for this species should be a breeze even for novice fish hobbyist since they will adapt to almost every living condition that you keep them in. They can be placed in bottles but for better aesthetic, I would suggest keeping them in a unique fish bowl that will overall brings out its true coloration. If you have intention to create a community aquarium, then I would suggest keeping the betta fish (about 5 of them in a group) combined together with a shoal of neon tetra, some hatchet fish to fill the top area, and all these would certainly create a splendid aquarium view.

Ever wondered how you can make things different and exciting with your pet fish hobby? Try out with keeping your betta in unique fish bowls.

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