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Unique Fish Bowls

unique fish bowlsI was never like the idea when it comes to using fish bowls to house your pet, but when I saw these specially designed and creatively done Unique Fish Bowls, I have nothing but praises and admiration and it began to change my thoughts. Nowadays, there are quite a number of these miniature small aquariums making its way to pet stores attracting attention of fish lovers even myself. Some of the most impressive designs which I’ve seen so far is the hanging fish bowl which is wall mounted like a picture frame or dangling like a lamp (insert picture) which can accommodate not more than 2 gallons of water while another is the teacup small bowls shaped just like any normal cups.

Most people frowned upon this unique fish bowls idea largely due to the fact that with tight living space, you are actually suffocating and limiting growth of the fish, which is seen as cruelty to pets. I would definitely go along with this idea as well but however, owing one of these mini aquarium is actually possible if you take the extra effort to maintain perfect water quality and selecting the right fish to house in it. With such limited living space, there is no other fish species suitable to live in it except for betta fish which do not have such tight requirements because of their natural characteristic that is able to live in oxygen-poor water. Based on wikipedia references, unlike any other normal fish species, which relies on dissolved oxygen introduced into the water, betta actually has a special labyrinth organ in their heads that allows them to take oxygen directly from the atmosphere. Thus, just like what I’ve experienced before, they would actually make a suitable pet to live in your unique fish bowls.

The water changing routine schedule has to be followed closely without fail. Even if I reach home late after work, I took the effort to change the water and making sure the water stays clear without signs of cloudiness. I even bought a small-sized aquarium pump that is able to generate gentle aeration to the water surface just to make sure that there is sufficient gas exchange. Even though I know that the betta fish does not need further than that, providing something extra doesn’t carry any harm at all. In fact, with such small volume of water, I do not have any problem doing regular water changes at all because the whole process took less than 15 minutes. If you are willing to commit your time to maintain good water quality, then these unique fish bowls should be considered as a viable option to try on something different for your pets and make house decoration interesting and exciting.

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