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Choice of Friendly Fish Companion

Aquarium pets are indeed wonderful addition to any family. My choice and idea of having a friendly fish are those pets which can recognize and greet their owner when being approach. There are quite a number of fish species that share and exhibit these characteristics notably goldfish, koi, kissing gourami, arowana. Other than what is mentioned, an ideal and perfect friendly fish friend should be one that is ease to care for without having fussy requirements.

pet goldfishGoldfish has been a popular aquarium pet since ages ago and they are treasured not only for their beautiful and colorful appearance but also for their friendly nature which adores every pet owner. The fish when they are newly introduced to the aquarium might be a little bit shy and will easily get startled but once they get accustomed to their new home, they will become active and exhibit enthusiastic nature when being approached by the owner. They absolutely get excited during feeding time and goldfish will swim around from one corner to the other knowing that it’s time for a good meal.

koi fishKoi is perhaps another fish breed that you should consider as one of your best companion. Although they are generally kept as fish pond so that they can be viewed from above overlooking their magnificent display of perfect color patch, koi are still a suitable choice if you are looking for a friendly pet. Young koi maybe less active but those which survives long enough (and believe me some live as long as 10 to 20 years) they tend to develop the tendency to swim as close as possible nearer to their owner hoping to be touched and get the attention that they want. Without fear of being caught just like some other fish species, koi will even swim around the hand of the pet owner dip into the pond and will readily accept their pat and touch. It’s sometimes a bond that will take time to develop and having such a friendly fish is indeed a treasure that is hard to find.

Kissing gourami
pink kissing gourami lock lipsKissing gourami is another type of fish that you should consider if you are looking for the right friendly fish to serve as your companion. Although they are not as friendly and responsive compared to koi and goldfish, their rare antique and somehow funny display of character can sometimes make you laugh. When put together in a group, kissing gourami are known to engage in a kissing ritual that will get you amazed. It is some kind of a lip lock intended as a show of strength among the male fish. When it comes to developing owners and pet bond, they will also approach enthusiastically and they simply fond having someone watching over them and they love to grab the food from the palm of their owner during feeding hours.

The list of fish given above is just a few of them based on my recommendation but there are even more species depending on preferences from individual fish enthusiast. Nevertheless having the right friendly family fish is indeed something that you will never get bored with and ask any pet owner and they will tell you that they don’t mind spending countless hours watching their fish and cleaning the tank as long as they feel that what they have done is worth giving the best for their lifelong companion. For those who missed out arowana, you can also find out more details about this fish in the exotic tropical species section.

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