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Oceanic BioCube Complete Aquarium Systems for your first saltwater tank

This article is a compilation based on feedbacks gathered from aquarist around the world as it will talk about reviews on using the Oceanic Biocube aquarium systems for setting up a miniature saltwater reef tank. Nonetheless the article will also focus on guiding the new aquarium wannabe about the basics of saltwater fishkeeping from start towards the end until the whole process is up and running.

Biocube Reef AquariumOceanic Biocube provides one of the most complete aquarium systems that are basically ready-to-install from out of the box. It comes in a set with all the tank accessories and supplies like hood, aquarium filter (together with the built-in filter chamber) and that includes also the lighting. Overall, the list of items should be everything you need in order to start the system, cycle and then ready to put the fish in. In a nutshell, the whole setup should take away all the hassles of selecting and choosing each and every component in order to form a complete tank system. Coincidentally it also comes with a hefty price tag as I often hear questions among circle of hobbyist on whether it is actually worth paying for all that. Following are the reviews gathered for your own consideration to judge for yourself whether it fulfils your expectation especially if you are going to setup a saltwater nano reef tank.

There are basically two different tank systems which you will normally come across sold in pet stores. Those are graded according to their size and capacity whereby one is the 14-gallon system and another is the 29-gallon system. Under each group, comes with it different models with has optional items to suit your aquarium needs and requirements. The tanks are made of glass (and not acrylic as what most people thought it was) with round edges to ensure that it is safe and most important, durable enough to withstand the water pressure. The lighting can be different depending on the package that you bought and basically the most common are the metal halide or the fluorescent type and overall that should work on well if you need to own a nano reef system with live rocks. For those who have intention of getting the colorful Tridacnidae saltwater clams then the the Biocube lighting should be perfect for it.

The 29 gallon lighting system is basically one of the highlights of the BioCube package which is something worth mentioning here, notably for its Coralife brand known for its reliability and quality. There are numerous reviews providing good recommendation about using the fluorescent lighting setup as not only it is small and compact but what’s best is that it also comes with dual integrated cooling fans to make sure that the lighting will have longer life span. Usually in order to get a spectacular view of your favorite community pet fish, there is also a light fixture with blue LED lighting installed into it that comes complete with a timer so that you can decide when it will on and when the lights will go off. Believe me; the view is absolutely spectacular once you have switched off all the room lights leaving only the aquarium LED lighting to glow in the dark.

Setting up a saltwater tank using the Oceanic pack should be a breeze for experienced hobbyist. Since the entire basic tank items are already there, what you need to do is just to assemble all the parts together. Normally other than having the standard accessories, you can also add a protein skimmer and also UV sterilizer to improve water quality. You can first start by adding some live sands or different types of live rocks in order to start cycle the aquarium. This will take about 3 to 4 weeks but if you intend to shorten the time period needed to complete the process you can instead add some premix biological bacteria sold in bottles. Make sure that you have the right salinity of the saltwater before you add in your pet fish and just to make sure that you get an accurate measurement, use a hydrometer to quickly obtain the result. The ideal SG should be within 1.020-1.025 and with a pH close to 7.5. Some stocking suggestions to your tank should be Clownfish, False Moorish Idol and Jawfish

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