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Using Show Tank as Display Aquarium

display aquarium show tankGenerally my advice that I always tell a newbie aquarium hobbyist looking for the perfect fish tank is to always select and buy the largest one which you can afford taking into consideration how much space in your house that you have to place the tank. Selecting the right tank is very important because it is the first step towards your aquarium fish hobby and since it is the home for your pets, getting the right size and shape is very important.

As a hobbyist I try to juggle between keeping my budget low while at the same time still be able to go about enjoying what I like to do best. One of the tricks to successful manage your hobby is to have as many backup tanks as possible because there are quite a number of unexpected things that can happen such as disease breakout, leaking tanks and frantically searching for backup aquarium for your fish is the last thing that you want to do. Among those that you need to be on standby are breeding tanks, a single quarantine tank and last but not least, your main Show Tanks (see also wall hanging fish tank).

Show tanks are meant to display and bring out the best of your pet fish. They are different compared to a standard aquarium in the sense that the front portion of it is actually curved out to create the stunning visual effect that enlarge and showcase the unique appearance noticeable on every fish. Previously, use of show tanks are normally confined and subjected only to saltwater aquariums but today even the freshwater circles have started to go about using these specially designed tanks. Since they are made of different materials, the ones which you can see sold at pet stores will usually cost two or three times higher compared to a standard aquarium.

One of the main attributes concerning the use of it is that they are usually custom made and the size is very large. Since it will be your display aquarium, obviously you would want to select all the best fish from you collection to move it to your show tank. Usually I will select the most mature and colorful fish stock and create a community aquarium and that is where they really stand out. In terms of equipment and support kits, I will get the best to complement the setup and make it to be the most complete. From the picture which you can see above, it is one of my masterpiece 100 gallon show tanks complete with a trickle filter, powered by 400 watt metal halide lighting and it houses my thriving community of coral reefs, scribbled angelfish and chevron tang.

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