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Live Plant for Goldfish Aquarium

In a goldfish tank, generally hobbyist would avoid putting in live plants and the main reason is because they can ended up being destroyed by your pets. Goldfish are notorious for uprooting plants (even the toughest type), tearing apart the leaves and creating a whole lot of mess. Thus plants are best left out if you have a goldfish tank but however for me there are one exception of course and that choice of plant is water sprite.

water sprite goldfishgoldfish planted aquarium
The reason why I insist on using it is because water sprite is known to grow very fast without requiring much attention. For me it is considered the best choice of live plant for goldfish aquarium as it can even tolerate conditions suitable for your goldfish living in cold water. In water with low nutrient level, they are able to sprout their leaves faster than you can ever notice it. In terms of lighting requirements, as long as they are getting some exposure of light, that should be good enough and water sprite is also known to grow well even in shaded areas.

Being fast growing sometimes doesn’t guarantee that it can survive in your goldfish tank. Even with its rapid regeneration rate, this might not even be enough to fill your goldfish’s appetite. In order to counter this, what I usually do is to ensure that my pets are well fed and this means that they would be less likely to chew on the plants to fill their stomach. Thus you might want to ensure that you do not skip any day without feeding your pets or else your plants might suffer the consequences. I had a bad experience once when I actually miss the normal feeding schedule for my fish and ended up losing the whole stalk of fresh leaves getting eaten up, leaving nothing except the branches! Don’t say I don’t warn you.

After all the fiasco and trouble, you might be asking why would you want to have the water sprite inside the tank in the first plane and create all the problems. Well for me, with presence of plants, first your goldfish will fell more secure and with the dense vegetation, they won’t get stressed and startled easily. Second, as we all know, plants are known to improve water quality and the remove the excess of nitrate present in the water. With it around, you will notice your pet goldfish are usually more active and display vibrant colors. Finally you will also need plants to induce goldfish to spawn and provide a hiding place for their fry. Find out more about goldfish reproduction.

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