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Koi Pond Water Quality (Increase TDO level)

koi pond oxydator unitManagement of water quality is perhaps the hardest and most challenging aspect of maintaining a koi pond. Due to large pond size and higher TDO (total dissolved oxygen) requirement by the koi fish, there are several things you need to look into and control so that this will minimize breakout of disease and achieving oxygen rich, crystal clear water so that your pet remains healthy.

One of the hardest aspects when it comes to improving water quality is how to work towards increasing TDO in the water because the ideal level for your fish to remain active should have the oxygen concentration as high as possible. The idea of increasing TDO level lies mainly on the reason whereby with sufficient oxygen amount present in the water, this actually encourages the microorganism living in the water to convert waste aerobically rather than the opposite called anaerobically (happens only when oxygen level is insufficient). In lay man’s term, this means that the decaying matter coming from the waste can be converted into less harmful components that will not poison or harm your fish. In the past, few of the different conventional methods, hobbyist often look into to deal with this problem is by focusing on improving the pond aeration systems.

New technologies involving the use of Oxydator is now the latest trend to deal with low TDO level. Basically the whole concept lies around on how the system actually utilizes and controls the chemical breakdown of hydrogen peroxide into free oxygen which all take place in a container and when the oxygen is produced, it will then be released into the pond water making it available for your fish. Though there are some extra cost involved in maintaining the system, overall you will notice a marked difference between the koi living in a pond equipped with an oxydator compared with one that doesn’t have the system. Your pet will be less susceptible to contacting disease, having better chance of survival and are more active displaying vibrant colors.

Apart from that, the water clarify in a koi pond having an oxydator is also much clearer and the thing is that once the system has been installed you will notice the water turns crystal clear within a matter of few hours.

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