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MY Nice Lovable Cute Fish

After writing countless articles touching on various fish topics, I’ve decided to be a little different in my blog post this time round which I will concentrate mainly talking about my fish keeping experience. Perhaps, what I would like to share over here is the answer to the same question that were always forwarded to me by my relatives, friends and even colleagues on why I chose aquarium fish hobby as my favorite past time. Well, the main reason on what got me attracted to the aqua hobby until today is the cute and lovable appearance of seeing my first pet fish which is a pearlscale. While most girls at my age fancy dogs and cats as their best friend, my idea of a perfect companion was one that would not run away and something that swims in the water. It is this idea that holds true for me until today.

lovable cute fish
As I got myself longer in the aquarium fish hobby, knowing and discovering even more different types of fish, soon I got to know that the pearlscale goldfish was not the only one that fits perfectly into the cute fish group. Clownfish which is a saltwater species is also equally attractive but keeping them comes with more challenges as they are harder to keep alive and maintain. The fish generally is a very gentle and friendly type of pets and they are very sensitive to changes in the aquarium environment and their needs are very delicate. Nevertheless having my first own saltwater tank with my clownfish was indeed an experience that I will never forget and the thoughts of going through the countless hours of routine water changes and testing, never got me tired after all.

Another type of fish that I consider as cute fish is the kissing gourami. Initially when I stumbled upon the species, I was baffled as to what they were doing in the first place. The idea of hearing the word kissing quickly led me to the thought that the fish were engaging in some kind of breeding activity, but however, it turns out that I was wrong! It was actually a challenge or duel among the male species to find out which one is the strongest. Somehow watching the fish locking lips was indeed entertaining and I really enjoyed my time watching their activity. Finally if you are a new fish hobbyist who just stumbled across my blog post here looking for the best overall cute fish, then my suggestion would be these 3, which are pearlscale, clownfish and kissing gourami.

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