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most beautiful fish

Entertaining Funny-Looking Fish

As a fish enthusiast, collecting some of the funniest, oddest, and cute-looking fish species has always been the focal point for my interest in this hobby. First of all, the fish group including freshwater and saltwater is among one of the most diverse group of living creature and there are indeed endless choice to choose from. And when you have thought that you have already seen all types of fish around in this world, you will be amazed that there is probably a handful that you might not even know about! Some of you, who have kept goldfish before as a pet, would have seen two of the funny looking fish belonging to this family. One of it, is the bubble eye with the hanging watery eye sac and another, would be the adorable pearlscale. Why I chose both of them is simple. This is mainly because of the clumsy and somehow funny movement, and I can tell you that their presence will never fail to entertain you.

funny pufferfishAnother common and most heard of funny-looking fish would definitely have to be the puffer fish. This type of fish exists as both freshwater to brackish water types including the saltwater species as well. They are famous for their ability to inflate and suck in air to their body causing the size to increase, thus making them overall look very weird and interesting. However, novices to the aquarium hobby should be advised that caring for this type of fish is not that straightforward. That is because puffers depending on species have poisonous toxin that can injure unsuspecting owners and they are best recommended only for those experienced fish keeper. Unlike the goldfishes mentioned earlier, which are nevertheless 100% fully harmless, puffers might not be that forgiving, so decide and choose wisely!

entertaining clown loachAnother possible contender for the funny-looking fish title would definitely be the clown loach. Although some would claim that there’s nothing particular or extraordinary about them, but for me, they are just adorable because when they are properly cared for, just by watching them swimming around is enough to entertain you. One thing to take note is that these fish are bottom region swimmers and most of the time you will find that digging, squiggling as if they are trying to burrow and if your aquarium bottom is made up of fine sand and planted plants, they will just pull out everything and move things around. Well, I’m not sure whether you should forgive or hate them, but eventually you will grow to love them. Sometimes despite putting my best effort to describe their behaviour, I still can’t find the exact words matching their actions. Thus, if you are inquisitive, I would definitely suggest that you check them out first hand by going to pet shops, or else you might as well head to youtube as there are countless number of videos around featuring the clown loach as the main center of attraction.

weird royal grammaFor avid marine hobbyist, you will never feel left out as there are also endless list of different funny-looking fish to grace your marine aquarium. When it comes to saltwater, the first thing that comes across my mind would definitely be the royal gramma. This species has quite a long list of followers and is among the favorite within the circle of marine hobbyists that I personally know. First of all why I say that is because they have a very odd and strange swimming manner. People who are familiar with the way a normal fish swims might be wondering on what has happened to the fish? Some people will think that the royal gramma is behaving strangely because it might be sick or contacted ich (which is not at all) but in actual fact, they are just fine and perfectly healthy. I would definitely call them mischievous and above all, they would easily qualify as one of the funniest pet you will have swimming in your marine tank. Another type of marine fish which also display a very entertaining behavior is the six-line wrasse with the cute dance move. So that is about all. If you have anything to share about your personal experience or if you would like to contribute and make the list longer, you are definitely welcomed to. You can keep in touch with me via the contact me page.

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