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Reviews Comparing Top Fish Filter Brands

Maintaining a clean and crystal clear water condition for your fish tank is very important and therefore, it is only possible if you have a powerful and effective aquarium filter that can do the job correctly. The water filter serves as the heart of the whole aquarium system because without it, the fish tank would otherwise require a lot of work to everyday attend to it, change the water and all these complicate the task of maintaining a perfect well-managed aquarium. Thus, getting the most appropriate and the right type of filter means everything towards your aquarium hobby. If you are thinking of getting a new filter set for your favorite pet fish, then I would have a few suggestions in mind.

Fluval FX5
Fluval FX5 filterDepending on your aquarium size, normally for fish tank above 100 gallons, the Fluval FX5 is definitely worth considering going into your aquarium shopping list. For the $350 standard price, it is considered worth every penny paid for as it does the job and tasks very well and performs up to my expectation. Having bought a unit for my fish tank, I would say I’m impressed with the amount of information contained in the installation manual as it is very comprehensive and provides a quick step-by-step guide to get everything up and running. If you are having difficulty to understand, I would suggest you look for online videos made by the company that teaches you the techniques. Basically I managed to get the setup completed in less than 2 hours, flushing through the system, fixing all the parts and then switch on the power supply to begin operation.

The Fluval FX 5 is basically a canister filter (check what a canister filter means) and it comes with three stacks of compartments for filling of filter media. With that flexibility, you can actually arrange and plan your filtration requirement depending on your aquarium needs and the type of fish that you have. If you have goldfish tank just like mine that produces quite a lot of waste and pollute the water easily, then having something like filter floss, bio balls and then choice of fluval peat or carbon are just few of the combinations that you can try out. One thing unique and particular about this filter set is that it comes with an electronic board to ensure that it has long lasting operation and energy saving feature. One of it that is worth mentioning here is that the electronic system will function to clear up air buildup in the system with prolonged use which can accumulate due to waste that clogs up the filter media compartments. Overall, I’m highly impressed with the state-of-the-art technology incorporated into the fish filter in terms of its design and ease of operation.

comparing aquarium before and after fish filterBefore (during the cycling stage) and After (full planted tank)

The canister filter helps to clean and maintain close to perfect water condition in the aquariums. Usually after the thing is up and running, the water starts to clear up almost immediately achieving crystal clear condition. Debris and fine particles that float around the water starts to disappear almost instantaneously and just like any aquarium filter set, depending on the type of fish you have in your tank and the tank size, mine was left running for about 2 days before the water output starts to become less. To be fair to it, the main reason on why it choked up easily was because the aquarium water was quite murky when I plugged everything in and the filter floss media seems to clogged up easily due to fine pad on top of it that make up the first level of filtration. Moreover, my goldfish tank has live plants and that further complicates the situation as tiny shredded dead leaves seem to managed to find its way passing through the intake strainer. I quickly perform my first round of maintenance by draining off the water from the basket using the readily available purge valve and then took out the filter media for cleaning.

Nevertheless, everything seems easy to operate and until today the filter is still in use without much problem or complication after 8 months in operation.

Eheim 2080 filterI haven’t got the chance to try out this filter unit which has been around in the market for quite sometime now. And because of that, I won’t go into details to elaborate every single aspect and operation of the filter set. However, I’ve decided to include the fish filter into my review here since Eheim is one of the top aquarium brands and also because the manufacturer is a reputable aquarium supplier so I wouldn’t want to pass up the chance to write up about them for the benefit of our readers here. There are several models under the range of Eheim filters which varies in terms of price, functions and tank requirements.

Anyway, I was lucky as I managed to interview a fellow hobbyist who happens to own a unit of this aquarium filter and these are his thoughts and views.

"I was a user of the Eheim Classic model before I upgraded and switched to the Professional range which offers better throughput and cleaning capabilities that match my requirements. I currently have the Eheim Pro 2080 and it works like a charm to me for my oscar tank. If I remember correctly I bought the unit around mid of year 2009 and ever since then, there wasn’t any problem at all except on one occasion when I have to change the hose because I suspect it was sucking air into the chamber. Anyway, I had that fixed up almost immediately in no time.

One thing particular that I like about the filter is that it runs quietly with little noise and vibration produced. I kept it under the tank cabinet fully hidden away from attention to make things look nicer. There is even a control valve that allows me to adjust the throughput of the water especially when it comes to feeding time for my oscar fish as I don’t want to food to stir around. Overall, I can say that I’m extremely pleased with its performance and maybe towards the next holiday season, I’ll be searching around to see if they have newer models considering for an upgrade."

For a more complete tank systems, one of the few available options is the Oceanic BioCube Aquarium Package

comparison between fluval and eheimComparing Between Different Fish Filters (Advantages and Disadvantages). How about other brands like the BiOrb?

News about Latest Fish Keeping Topics

If you are looking for the latest updates on aquarium news magazine, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether it is related to freshwater or saltwater topics, All About Aquarium Fish will provide monthly coverage to keep you stay abreast on everything about your favorite hobby and also what you need to know about the latest happenings in the aquarium industry. Things related to aquatic technology, fish care profile, knowledge database will be discussed and covered in details.

Let’s look at the review one by one starting from October 2010 onwards.

October 2010
October 2010 Magazine IssueThis issue talks about tower aquariums and why as a serious fish lover who is a die-hard hobbyist, you should stay away from getting it. There are quite a number of reasons mainly related to the fact that it will not only complicate your tasks of keeping the fish healthy but overall, aquarium management will become extremely difficult. It will go into details in which there are 3 of them on why there are disadvantages of using tower aquarium. Read about it here.

November 2010
November 2010 Magazine IssueIf you are looking for the type of fish that are friendly in nature which you can hand feed and then getting intimate, then koi is definitely the pet that fits into this criteria. They are known as one of the most intelligent and lovable fish around. But however, do you realize that sometimes your koi may not exhibit or show the type of affection that you are expecting? The November 2010 issue will talk about how you can prevent this by analyzing the possible ways that you cause you koi to become frightened. Although most people will think this is just a petty issue that will go away on its own, I just have to disagree. Check out the whole content about frightened koi.

December 2010
December 2010 Magazine IssueKuhli Loach is perhaps one of the most commonly heard household pet fish names. It is often preferred to be added to the community aquarium mainly to fill up the bottom region of the tank. Although being a custom name in the aquarium field, kuhli loach can sometimes be very difficult to take care of and handle. The article written for the December 2010 issue will look at every aspect towards handling this easy-to-care for but yet delicate fish that can sometimes quite difficult to comprehend. It contains general care sheet and other information on what you should do to make sure they blend in well to the aquarium community. Kuhli Loach.

January 2011
January 2011 Magazine IssueThis is the first issue for the year. Have you ever find it difficult especially when you are going through a list of different types of fish food but not sure which one is the best to choose for your pets? Well, the topic covered in the January issue will address and look into this problem. It will help you choose and basically it also talks about recommendation and reviews about selecting the best fish food to be given to your precious pets. Definitely a must-read for those wannabe who is keen on developing a champion fish and become the expert fish breeder. Choice of food for your fish.

If you need to search for past editions, you can head over to the page and search through the archive. The magazine has been catalogued according to month by month so that your task of searching will become easier.

comparison between fluval and eheimComparing Between Different Fish Filters (Advantages and Disadvantages). How about other brands like the BiOrb?

Types of Peacock Cichlids and Care Requirements

Peacock Cichlids care requirements can be rated from medium to slightly difficult depending on the experience of the fish keepers. Generally as long as you provide the living environment close to the same condition just like in the wild where they are caught from, then it should be okay. However, these days, new generations of peacock cichlids have been captive bred and thus are easier to look after since they can tolerate and adapt to our household water quality far better than their ancestors from Lake Malawi.

Regardless, the species is still very much sensitive to sudden change in water quality. Normally, in between water changes, try not to alter the hardness level and pH too drastically or they will show signs and effect of lethargy and losing their appetite. A good general guide is to control the water hardness at about 8 to 10 dGH while the alkaline level should be around 7.2 to 8.0 unit. For better understanding on the hardness requirement, refer to the water hardness table which will indicate on the level that you are having. Your pet will produce a lot of waste if you constantly feed them and accumulation of these materials will also alter the pH. I would suggest getting a good aquarium filtration system in place and constantly monitor and do water changes periodically.

sunshine sunburst peacock cichlidsA sunburst and sunshine cichlids comparing side by side

There are different types of peacock cichlids being sold in the market although most of these that you will find are generally hybrids produced by cross-breeding. Nowadays it is very rare to find pure bred peacocks that still maintain the original strain and natural lines similar to those that your could still find in their wild habitat. Few of the most common types that you will normally come across are sunshine peacock cichlid, the sunburst variant and also the blue (electric blue) peacocks. Comparing among all of them, the most popular is usually the sunshine type because being the prettier ones with having vivid and striking colors; they usually attract the most attention of the aquarium hobbyist.

Studying the peacock’s normal behavior is very interesting and is an important step towards your decision to establish a single species community tank. Males can sometimes show aggression towards each other especially when the males outnumber the females and there exist a competition to find their partners during mating season. There are times that even with different gender of the fish in existence living in the same aquarium, one of them is bound to exert its dominance towards the other fish and thus getting at least 100-gallon aquarium to house 3 – 4 of these fish should be the minimum requirement. Normally the most sensible thing is to have a male together with the presence of two females in its company.

Identifying whether your peacock fish is a male or female should be rather straightforward as only the males have bright and attractive coloration. If your intention is to set up an aquarium with only the males present and you do want a dull looking fish, then the appropriate thing to do is to buy them in a group when all of them are young. Establish a tank with lots of live plants in it, complete with rocks, caves and driftwood if possible and the bottom layer should be filled with fine sands. There are even attempts to mix the peacock cichlids with mbuna in the same aquarium and the results somehow varies with some reporting that theirs are fine while others are less fortunate and ended up different species fighting each other.

These days the aquaculture industry is booming especially in Asia with demands for different types of cichlids commanding a very good price for a fine specimen. The peacocks fish definitely fit into this criteria as it serves not only just a hobby but also for those with interest to take it further and venture into this field.

comparison between fluval and eheimComparing Between Different Fish Filters (Advantages and Disadvantages). How about other brands like the BiOrb?

Choice of right food growing fish

Aquarium fish right from young baby to a growing adult requires all the best nutrition that it can get. As a pet owner myself, I find that providing the correct choice of foods not only ensure that your fish will achieve maximum growth rate but also the pet will stay healthy with good coloration. There are quite a numbers of packed and bottled foods when you head over to the aquarium store but for me, there are only a few trusted brands that I would purchase for my fish. One of them is Hikari.

You will notice that Hikari is the most complete pet fish food in the market in the sense that you will find wide range and selection of different types to choose from. Starting from the needs for a growing fish fry up to a mature fish and even foods specially made for enhancing unique coloration, I would say those are the best that you can find around comparing against the others. In fact, there are few which I would recommend and let’s have a read up on the reviews on some of them. But however before I proceed, in no way or under any circumstances that I’m connected to them and this allows me to provide unbiased reviews.

aquarium hikari fish brandsHikari Tropical Micro Pellets
These are made customized for small-sized mini fish with that tiny mouth such as betta, glowing neon fish, danios and certain breeds of rainbowfish. One thing good about the food is that I found that my pets fed with the diet combined with live foods will display magnificent full coloration especially rainbowfish. If you want to avoid introducing live feeds, in fact you can also combine it with the Hikari bloodworms (already undergone processing) which we will review later in order to provide a more comprehensive nutrition. With all that combined, I think it is the best choice you could provide for your favorite pet fish.

Hikari Bloodworms
This is another one of the fish food range from the Hikari brand which you will find exciting. The fact is I do not know they could actually process the bloodworm ensuring that it is free for disease, then allowed for storage and still maintained all the best nutritional qualities in it. There are actually two different types when referring to the bloodworms; one is the bio-Pure in a bottled form and another in a plastic transparent packaging. These are not that difficult to find as most of the aquarium stores in local community should have it and I can tell you that my fish will grow wild and excited the moment it is dropped into the tank. Some will fight in order to get a bite of it but just make sure that what you’ve added are all finished to prevent leftover that will leave an unwanted sight.

Sinking Wafers
These are made uniquely for the bottom dwelling tropical fish such as corydoras catfish, plecos and even for small otocinclus which have their mouth facing downwards. One of the ingredient compositions which I’ve read from the packaging indicates that most of the food blend are algae and some other palatable mix. Once dropped into the water, the wafer will immediately dropped down to the bottom of the water without you worrying that your pet fish will not be able to find it. The sinking wafer does not only cater specially for the type of fish that I’ve mentioned earlier but the fact is, any other community fish which can get their mouth to taste the food can also enjoy it as well. I have never seen the food getting rejected because all your fish will definitely chase around to get a bite on it.

Turtle Sticks
Hikari range and brands do not confined towards only aquarium fish but other aquatic species as well such as pet turtles. This is where I find interesting because the sticks are made in such a way that your turtle will immediately grab them as soon as those are added to the tank. You will also be surprised with the long list of ingredients added and packed into every stick. That is where Hikari stands out when it comes to specialized feed manufacturers in the aquarium industry.

Hikari First Bite
Small aquarium fish such as little newly hatched babies usually require something high in nutritional content and yet easy to digest which are very important for their survival. Using this food, you can avoid soaking and then crushing your pellets because the fine size of the first bite will ensure that it will be enough for your young hatchling to feed into their mouths. However, depending on the fish species, certain growing fry are too small to even accept it and Hikari first bite should only comes in months after they reach a certain size of at least 1 inch and above. Refer to this post for different ideas on what to feed baby fish.

comparison between fluval and eheimComparing Between Different Fish Filters (Advantages and Disadvantages). How about other brands like the BiOrb?

Getting to know The Rainbowfish

Rainbowfish is made up of several genera of different fishes that form a large group of diverse aquatic community. They make excellent aquarium addition to your existing tank as they will adapt in well, living peacefully without harming your other pets like guppies, danios, rasboras or even small sized neon tetra. Most rainbowfish will not grow beyond 5 inches and they have attractive coloration which is how they got their name in the first place. Being an active swimmer that darts around the tank quite often, they have certain requirements in particular the water quality and the foods that they get.

Quite a number of people have failed in their attempts to take care and make the fish survive in their tank while most of the reasons are generally related to lack of understanding on the fish’s behavior and needs. In fact, there are quite a number of confusion among hobbyist as to what the fish should look like and what their normal coloration is. Rainbowfish can be found in stunning yellow to turquoise or even dark neon greenish blue depending on the species. Normally, the colors can get pretty intense during breeding season when the males will show off their bright colors in order to get attention of the female fish. Thus one of the major factors that promote their healthy living is having a well-lit aquarium tank with lighting that provides full spectrum.

Rainbow fish is extremely sensitive to changes in water hardness and a jump of pH can make them sick. If you notice that your pets suddenly stay idle at the bottom of the tank or gasping for air at the aquarium surface, you should take immediate action to address the problem. Avoid putting in the fish when the aquarium is at its initial setup stage as the water is not yet fully cycled and a good fishkeeping practice is to change the water regularly to ensure that the quality is top notch. As a guideline, the best water hardness should be in the range of 6 to 10 dGH while pH should be maintained at slightly acidic to alkaline level close to neutral zone of 6.8 to 7.2. Let’s look at some of the most common rainbowfish which is highly popular among the aquarium trade. I would definitely recommend those in the list to be kept as pets for serious hobbyist looking to adopt and add one of the most colorful companions to their freshwater community collection.

beautiful threadfin rainbowfish
Threadfin Rainbowfish
This species is easily recognized by its long trailing dorsal and ventral fins that sometimes extend longer than the end tailfin. Unlike common rainbowfish, threadfin generally has thinner and shorter body length as it only reaches about 1 inch. Being small sized, they prefer to have a well covered heavily planted tank as it makes them feel more secure from the attention of other bigger fish.

multicolored madagascar rainbowfish
Madagascar Rainbowfish
It is considered a larger species of the rainbowfish group of family. It can reach a full adult length of 4-5 inches and with this; it is also more hardy and tolerant of less than perfect water parameters. Madagascar rainbowfish will do well in a tank where it has companion of its own species with at least 3 or 4 of the fish living together.

boesemani rainbowfish
Boesemani (Boeseman’s Rainbowfish)
The species is characterized by the presence of a pair of vertical stripes/band appearing on each side of the body. One thing special about the Boesemani is that the orange/blue color mix can change and transform quickly to pale grey in a matter of minutes. With this, the color changes can actually be used as an indication on whether your pet is in full health or otherwise. During courtship of the female fish, the intensity will increase and grow brighter to display a spectacular array of colors.

neon dwarf rainbowfish
Neon Dwarf Rainbowfish
The neon dwarf rainbowfish is a curious and active community species. They generally would scatter and swim around the tank both at the middle and lower column of your aquarium but when they are frightened, they will start to group and school together. Being rather small sized that measure only up to 2 inches; they can be mixed with different kinds of fish such as cory cats and rummy nose tetra.

comparison between fluval and eheimComparing Between Different Fish Filters (Advantages and Disadvantages). How about other brands like the BiOrb?

Can my goldfish become pregnant and have babies?

We often hear people saying that their fish is pregnant but however, the thing is that this statement is only true when it comes to certain species of fish. For goldfish, the term that is often used to describe them as being pregnant is always very misleading. These are the reasons that I will explain why:

Goldfish actually don’t become pregnant like most people always think they do. The fact is, just like any egg-laying fish species, goldfish actually breed and reproduce through external fertilization. What all these mean is that there are female goldfish that carry the eggs and the male goldfish with the milt/sperm and when they court each other to breed, the males will chase after the female goldfish getting her to release the eggs into the water. At the same time, the male will release the milt and get the eggs fertilized. Thus, this is what we call the term external fertilization because it does not involve injecting the sperm from the male fish to the female fish causing it to be pregnant with babies.

pregnant goldfish pictureoranda with eggs

Going back to the topic on whether a goldfish can be pregnant, the answer is definitely no. In fact, other important information that you will need to know is that goldfish are lousy parents which means that they don’t look after their eggs. Once the female fish release her eggs into the water, both the male and female goldfish will greedily eat up each and every one of their own egg that they could find and thus experienced fish breeders will know that using plants is the best way to hid and conceal the eggs from getting eaten by their parents. You might want to read up further about fish breeding subject to learn more on how different species of aquarium fish actually produce their young.

So finally, how do you know that your pet goldfish is ready to lay eggs? There are a few indicators which you can use to determine this condition. One simple observation is by looking at the anal opening. A female goldfish full of eggs will have the anal area slightly bulging and sometimes you can even see tiny round material just outside of it. Female goldfish ready to breed will even show a full round appearance or it can even be off-shaped which are seen bigger than normal condition. Compared to the males which slightly thinner (but not really thin) this will help you to differentiate between the opposite genders. There are other methods like presence of tubercles appearing on the male which are more accurate. However, do not be deceived based on size if your goldfish happen to experience some of these conditions that would easily have the owner mistaken that their goldfish is actually pregnant.

Dropsy/Pine Cone Disease (Sometimes also known as Bloating)
This is a common goldfish disease that will cause the fish to bloat and the scales standing out like a pine cone. It is a very scary condition feared by hobbyist because it can be very difficult to treat and cure. More information about dropsy and how to deal with it.

Overweight and Overfeeding
Some of your goldfish might look like it is pregnant but in actual fact the expanded body size could be reason caused by overfeeding. There are others which are too spoiled and fed excessively making the goldfish look fat and with the rounded belly. Always avoid giving excess and too much food more than required.

Natural Origins like Ryukin & Pearlscale Goldfish
Certain goldfish type/variant like the Pearlscale can exhibit a ping pong ball-like figure which is very odd-looking and that might led you to think that it is actually having filled with eggs. But the fact is for pearlscales both males and females look more or less exactly the same with the rounded bellies. Same goes for all adult Ryukin with that strong and deep body coupled with the rounded belly. Therefore, it can be very difficult to tell if your ryukin is really going to have babies unless you observe closely.

To help you understand even better, I’ve even attached a few pictures and photographs together with this post of an egg-filled female goldfish so that you can roughly know whether you fish is ready to breed and produce young offspring. I just hope that this helps and wish you luck on happy goldfish collecting. More related information about caring for your baby goldfish and topic on goldfish reproduction.

comparison between fluval and eheimComparing Between Different Fish Filters (Advantages and Disadvantages). How about other brands like the BiOrb?

Introduction to Aquaculture & Aquatic Technology

sophisticated indoor aquaculture setupAquaculture is a thriving and profitable industry as there are currently high demands not only in the food fish requirements (fish served as foods such as tilapia), but also in the home aquarium ornamental fish market with the freshwater dominating and most recent marine aquarium also gaining popularity. These days there are endless list of aquaculture books that cover very well on this topic and it includes subject related to large-scale fish farming, management of disease, pond/tank setup and breeding methods. There are even universities and colleges offering degree courses in this field of study and checking on the subject listing shows that the course will cover practically everything on the subject of fish science, aquatic technology and it also involves training programs.

Keeping aquarium fish as pets does not confine to just being a hobby or childhood interest but also if properly well managed, it can turn into a profit-generating business. The koi community for example is always in the interest of actively participating and pursuing perfection in their koi rearing techniques. It is one of the largest fish communities in the world and it is also regarded as an ever popular circle of niche that garnered a lot of attention. Trust me, a koi enthusiast has no qualms or hesitation about paying few thousands dollars just for a well developed fine specimen which they think will add value to their collection. Thus, if you have interest to turn your hobby into something and taking it further beyond just a backyard venture, first you must learn all the management techniques such as fish disease control, best method on breeding and raising fish fry, water quality management and how to overall take care on the fish needs.

There are many aspects related to aquaculture fish farming and it is not as simple as making sure that the fish survives. In fact, there are also other areas to look into and manage such as selection and setup of filter systems, ecological waste control coming from the fish rearing and also the management aspects on how to choose the locations and overall arrangements to make it the most cost-effective setup. Thus, this requires a lot of time, labor and expertise and to think that it is very much straightforward can be very misleading. In fact, those with a degree in the field will even find that there are a number of obstacles which can only be learned through experience and some of the knowledge by fish breeders is from years of learning and close observations. I have personally known a discus fish breeder who earns probably like ten over thousands a month and he even laments on how difficult it is to deal with problems and maintain his stock. Some related topics that you might want to read about: Challenges to successfully raise young goldfish fry.

Applying the most recent aquatic technology is also equally important and this is where you can use advancement in technologies to your advantage. In recent years, development on new systems and techniques mean that there are far better ways or approaches to ensure that your fish thrive compared to those times, a decade ago when technology is not yet at its peak. One of the most exciting sections when it comes to aquatic technology is on the subject of genetic engineering whereby scientist and fish breeders are always working to produce the best strains of a fish not only aesthetically but also more tolerant to withstand disease and with the highest survival rate. Hence, with advancement in this area coupled with the right skills and experience learned in aquaculture, it could well be developed into an exciting livelong career.

comparison between fluval and eheimComparing Between Different Fish Filters (Advantages and Disadvantages). How about other brands like the BiOrb?

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