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Top Fish Care Brands Reviews

fish tank reviewsThere are quite a number of reliable and top quality fish care brands in the market such as Hikari, Fluval, Tetra and Marineland. If you are buying your aquarium products, I would suggest you select one of these few brand name suppliers because you can be assured that the items that you purchase are top notch and guaranteed of the quality. Most of these household names offer a complete set and wide range of fish care items, accessories, foods and medicines as well.

Usually I avoid buying fish supplies from unknown and other unheard of product manufacturers because your pets are precious and since you have put a lot of your time and effort taking care of them, it is only logical that you get trusted brands so that they receive the best. Most of the time, certain things like water conditioner, medicines and foods are extremely important and I don’t see any reason why you should be stingy and cut down your cost on these. For me, what I believe is that it is useless to save on some cheap products and then ended up with your pets having problems.

Foods especially are very important because you might not be aware on what type of ingredient mix that are added into it and personally I found that some unscrupulous suppliers actually blend in cheap proteins that cause the fish having digestive symptoms or malnutrition problems. Sometimes what you can observe is that the fish can stay idle and takes a long time to poop which indicates that the problem might originate from the food itself and this means that it might be unsuitable for them to eat.

Certain manufacturers also add in preservatives which might cause ill effects in the long run especially those with chemical additives that enhances the color (These are specially made for fish that loses its natural colors). If you notice that the fish poop is almost similar to the color of the foods given to your pets, I would suggest and tell you that it is not worth trying your luck and finish the whole can/bottle of foods. My recommendation is when it comes to feeding your aquarium fish, the most reliable brands so far are Japanese based supplier like Hikari and Tetra which will provide guaranteed quality foods and with hundreds to choose from, for example like specialized food to feed baby fish, it's a matter of spending your time to select one which is suitable for your type of fish. Note that I am not affiliated with any of those brand names at all.

If you buying your first fish tank, I would suggest you go for a complete aquarium set of items such as tanks that come with equipment like heater, conditioner and filter. Rather than buying all these items individually, it would certainly be much easier if all those actually come in one package. One of the benefits of having a pre-assembled aquarium is that first you avoid all the hassles of shopping one by one and second, you can be assured thing like sizing of the filter, selection on the wattage of tank heater and lighting is correct without worry of getting the wrong ones. Basically all you need to do is that once you get the items home, you just need to put everything together and the aquarium system is ready to go.

Some of these top brand fish manufacturers offer a whole package setup and my favorites so far are Fluval and Marineland and if you observe the range of fish equipment offered, you will be amazed with what they have in store that covers practically everything in single setup. Of course, the last things that you want to avoid is ended up buying cheap and unreliable supplies and having unpleasant experiences like electrical shock coming from malfunctioned filter motors, heaters that overheat, constant failure of lighting lamps and leaking aquariums (I can tell you that is the worst nightmare).

comparison between fluval and eheimComparing Between Different Fish Filters (Advantages and Disadvantages). How about other brands like the BiOrb?

How to Successfully Raise Young Goldfish Fry

Baby goldfish fry when they were born are no bigger than a tiny thin hairline that measure less than 3mm. In fact if you didn’t see them carefully you might not even notice that those are young baby fish in the first place. During the first few weeks after they have hatched, those are the times that are the most critical to their survival. During this period, they are exposed to all kinds of threats that will harm and kill them and the biggest problem so far is flukes and skin disease. So despite all that, how do we ensure that we successfully raise a young goldfish fry to become an adult fish?

Goldfish GrowthBaby Goldfish fry

Fish Foods and Nutrition

What you feed to them is very important and it is the most critical aspect to look into because you will want your baby goldfish to grow as quickly as possible to be able to withstand wave of disease outbreak. The safest and most nutritious food which you can give to them is powdered foods and you can also use green water which you need to leave under the sun until it is slightly greenish and scoop up the water to your goldfish fry tank. What you are providing to them is basically mix of algae and processed food and I find that this combination is the best so far for goldfish between 1 to 3 weeks old. Most people will rush to the store and get a liquid processed baby fish foods but if you decide to save some money, you can always try a different approach. Dry pellets which you normally give and feed to the adult fish can actually be used as an important supplement for their diet.

I would recommend using sinking fish pellets because those are usually made from high density protein filled with wheatmeal rather than filler (usually flour) which normally offers no additional nutritional value. First, what you will need to do is to soak the content until it is fully submerged in the water for at least an hour in a small container and then using your index finger, crush and then swirl in order to dissolve the food and make it into fine solution. Don’t worry if you think that what you have created is a just a cloudy water but what you are actually doing is making a solution filled with powdered foods which the fry will greedily feed from it. Don’t worry if you can’t see it because the baby fish will. :) In fact, this is exactly the same as what you will normally get when you buy the liquid fry foods sold in bottles. For further discussion, you might want to read up about what are the additional foods to feed your baby goldfish so that they reach adult size as soon as possible.

Silver Color Young GoldfishGoldfish not yet with color

Pet Health and Medication
Fish medication is another important area that you should always be prepared. In fact, I always have my bottles of fluke medication ready at hand in case I notice that the baby goldfish fry start to die in large numbers. Based on my research the number one killer that causes you to lose your batch of fry is actually fluke itself. Don’t confuse yourself thinking that since you have not added any new fish, it would mean that there is no risk or potential to introduce disease. However, this perception is totally wrong because fluke as I know it, is always present in every fish regardless of how young they are and where you got them from. It can be present in our freshwater even though we have properly treated it and it will stay onto the body of the fish until the time is right, and when the body weakens, fluke disease will find an opportunity to develop. So what is fluke disease?

Aquarium Water Quality
Water quality is also another thing that you shouldn’t forget regardless of whether you are raising young fish fry or whether you are keeping an adult fish. Changing the water of your baby fish tank is somehow challenging and since you can’t see them, you shouldn’t use the normal approach of siphoning the tank because you will risk siphon out the baby fish as well! The most sensible and workable approach is by using a transparent or white bottom container and then scoop out the water. Check whether there is any fry inside it before throwing away the water. Remember maintaining good water quality is always one of key factors towards survival and successfully raise your batch of young baby goldfish. You might also want to check out tips that I use to maintain perfect water quality by doing routine water changes and how to get crystal clear water.

Statistics and Success Rate
small young goldfishFinally, as a goldfish breeder myself, I’ve learned through experience that most of the time only about 30% of the fry actually made it to adulthood and survive to become breeder fish. About 5% are born deformed, another 60% will die due to disease (as what we would call natural selection) and the rest of 5% die due to other reasons. I’ve even experienced losing a whole season batch of fry due to outbreak of disease which totally went out of control.

comparison between fluval and eheimComparing Between Different Fish Filters (Advantages and Disadvantages). How about other brands like the BiOrb?

Problems with Saltwater Tank Water Condition

saltwater tropical fish tankKeeping saltwater aquarium is more challenging and exciting but having more colorful pets also mean you will be facing tougher obstacles and some of the problems can be very difficult to solve. This article will go into details to explain and guide us on how we should act and deal with common saltwater tank water problems.

Most often a newly set up saltwater tropical fish tank can have the water turning hazy and cloudy in a matter of hours even though you can have a well-equipped high powered aquarium filters running. This condition is usually identified to be caused by a condition known as “new tank syndrome” whereby beneficial bacteria has yet to establish itself to breakdown the waste generated by the aquarium systems. This cycling stage will normally last for about a week before it will finally clear up but the process of developing population of beneficial bacteria can be faster if there are solution of starter bacteria added to aid the process.

For established tanks, sometimes expected cloudy conditions described above can also take place. For instance, if you are adding new decor such as live rocks and sands, it can also contribute towards sudden hazy water appearance. If that happens, the best thing to do is to simply remove whatever that you have been added in earlier. Sometimes you may not realize that new aquarium ornaments could be the culprit because some material of the decor can take time to disintegrate and thus problematic water condition only appears days later. Thus, you must keep vigilant and aware to detect on what is going on with your fish tank.

Decaying matter such dead fish and invertebrate that once reside in your aquarium can also cause cloudy water to suddenly appear. For example, a clownfish tank with anemones population can sometimes leave unsuspected aquarist unaware of what is happening around. Anemones that are already dead will look alive to untrained eyes and it will not be noticed until it has completely shriveled up and begins to decay. Certain fish species with infectious skin disease can also cause the water to foul up easily since the aquarium is a closed system. When these happen, the most sensible thing to do is to find the root cause of the problem and eliminate it. Fish still with chance of survival should be properly quarantined to avoid the disease from spreading to your other tank pets.

Imbalances in pH and shift in SG (specific gravity) is another common problem that can cause havoc to your saltwater tropical tank. Your pet will become listless, staying idle on the water surface and if this is not corrected, it will lead to disaster losing your whole stock and collection of fish. Thus it always advisable that in order to maintain a healthy aquarium system, routine test such as pH checking using test kits and salinity checking using hydrometer should be carried out at least once a week. Though it can be time consuming, at least practicing the safe approach offer a better security than having to deal with a bigger and messier problems later part.

comparison between fluval and eheimComparing Between Different Fish Filters (Advantages and Disadvantages). How about other brands like the BiOrb?

About Glass Catfish Care Requirements

transparent glass fishGlass Catfish is a special type of transparent odd-looking fish which you can actually see-through and view its internal organs and bones. The fish is considered an ideal middle dweller aquarium species that thrive with the presence of other friendly community tank mates such as cory cats and hatchets. I would suggest having those two with your glass catfish and with one being a bottom dweller and the hatchets being a top dweller, this will definitely create a stunning looking community aquarium with different mix of fish.

The glass catfish is generally a shoaling species which means that they are best kept in a group of 4 or more of the same fish. They can sometimes be very particular about what you feed to them because basically with their small mouth size, you need to ensure that those floating flakes are tiny enough for them to swallow. Normally what I will give to them are basically the same kind of foods which you can buy to feed for your neon tetra and if you decided to provide live foods, make sure that the worms such as tubifex are put in a feeding cup so that they can eat from it.

The fish is also very susceptible to disease and unless you have a fully cycled tank, don’t try to add them in and hope for a miracle to happen. The fact is, the fish takes quite a long time to adjust itself to its new tank environment. Mine took almost a week and constantly hiding and its body turning almost pale white. Most people made the mistakes thinking that everything would be fine afterwards but in actual fact, complications only arise after a certain period and by the time you notice that something is not right, it will already be too late. However, most people get alarmed when the fish lost it feelers/whiskers or it just dropped off and become shortened, but there is nothing to worry about because it is just a natural thing and will grow back.

Spending your time watching the transparent fish going around with their daily activities is a very interesting thing to do during your pass time. When feeding, you can actually see the food as it travels from the mouth going to the stomach and those who have never seen before will definitely impressed with it. In fact, most of the people that I’ve showed the fish to them think that they are really cool and unique in its special way. Glass catfish usually spend most of their time staying idling with their heads pointing up and don’t be alarmed thinking that they are acting strange. Before you go about putting the fish in your community tank make sure that there a lot of hiding place created by tall aquatic plants so that your pets will feel like at home.

comparison between fluval and eheimComparing Between Different Fish Filters (Advantages and Disadvantages). How about other brands like the BiOrb?

How to treat Fish with Torn, Ripped or Shredded fins

fish torn finsFish that shows visible signs of having torn, ripped or shredded fins is a very common and natural occurrence. Usually it happens when the fish is housed in a tank whereby fighting will occur or when there is a heavy competition searching for foods, swimming space or breeding partner. It can also be caused by rough handling especially those inexperienced fish keeper but persistent problem can also be related to certain fish species behavior especially betta which will often engage in aggressive fish fighting.

Aquarium fish diagnosed with damaged fin usually would not suffer from any life threatening effect and usually the condition would heal by itself and the process can be assisted with some simple treatments. Although fins that are torn can cause the fish to swim in an awkward manner but as long as it can still compete for foods and eat well without showing signs of illness, there is no cause of concern. Adding some salt should be a good remedy and usually the desired salt concentration should be about 0.5%. This will help to prevent infection and at the same time provide a tonic to the fish to assist them so that the wound will heal faster.

Sometimes depending on how bad the condition is on shredded and torn fins, you should not make a hasty judgment and apply medications excessively hoping to get fast results. Most often, it is the overdose use of medication that causes more harm than letting the fish heals by itself. Some of the common remedies suggested like potassium permanganate doesn’t really go to the extent of quickly fixing the situation and I find that most of the time, other things will get even worse because the chemical can actually kill the population of beneficial bacteria that resides in your aquarium filter. Instead of applying the medication, I would suggest that you concentrate on ensuring that the water condition is a good as possible during this period and crystal clear water should be used as a good benchmark on your tank water quality.

Finally before you get everything started, first make sure that you have not mistaken or confuse yourself thinking that ripped fins condition is a fin rot disease which is actually a more severe illness. It can be very easy to differentiate between those two because torn and shredded fins will appear as just having a split while fin rot will have a decaying and slimy looking appearance showing on the overall fin especially at the ends. For more information related to this and to get a better picture, head over to fin rot disease page.

comparison between fluval and eheimComparing Between Different Fish Filters (Advantages and Disadvantages). How about other brands like the BiOrb?

Kuhli Loach General Care Sheet and Information

Kuhli Loach is a popular small bottom-dwelling aquarium fish which looks like an eel with its thin elongated body. It belongs to the large and diverse group of loaches family that includes the clown loach, pygmy chain loach and also the orange-finned loach. Kuhli just like some of its eel-like cousin loves to dig deep into the aquarium gravel substrate and hid itself away from your attention.

types of different black and striped kuhli loachThere are basically two different types of kuhli loaches which you can find sold in aquarium stores. The most common is the black and grayish type while there is also the striped kuhli loach. Both of them are community species which will tolerate and live peacefully among each other and also together with the other tropical aquarium fish. They will not cause any problems with the other tank mates when it comes to competition of foods and living spaces but in fact, because of their friendly nature, they will often become target of bullying by the other bigger fish. Adult mature kuhli loach will only grow up to 3 inches in length and those younger smaller ones were often mistaken as food by the larger fish like discus and gourami will often make a meal out of them. Because of this, the fish are best kept in a group of 5 or more and because they exist in large number, this will lessen the chances for them to become subject of bullying by the other fish.

Kuhli loach will take any food given to them and they love constant feed of live foods such as tubifex and bloodworms. If those are not available, you can also consider using sinking dried fish flakes as well and your pets will readily accept them. One word of caution however, if you have a community of freshwater shrimps or snails, you might want to avoid having your kuhli loaches in there, because they will eat the crustaceans as foods. Usually the fish is a very active playful lot and during their normal behavior you will find them wriggling around sometimes among each other while at times, you will see them going against the aquarium glass surface. If for any reason, you don’t find that happening and your fish seems to stay idle all the time that is a sign that your pet might be sick.

Setting up the aquarium to house your kuhli loach should be easy because as long as you have a planted tank with lots of decoration for hiding and fine sand or gravel substrate, that should be perfect. Before you actually buy and put in your pets, make sure that the water is fully cycled because kuhli loaches are not tolerant to the poor water condition. I would suggest using corydoras catfish to fully cycle and getting the tank and water ready before you add them in. Avoid the temptation to quickly add them in a rush before things are fully ready because if you do that, not only you will risk losing your new pets but the ones that survive might not be healthy at all.

comparison between fluval and eheimComparing Between Different Fish Filters (Advantages and Disadvantages). How about other brands like the BiOrb?

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