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Blood Parrot Cichlids Fish Info

Blood Parrot CichlidsParrot cichlids as they are aptly called due to their small pointy mouth size that resembles a parrot is a hybrid type of cichlids that is produced by cross breeding different types of fish together. Due to its nature of being a cross bred species; the fish does not actually have a scientific name assigned and given to it. The blood parrot fish although most claim to be a docile community fish but in actual fact, it can very moody at times and the behavior can turn into aggressive but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have them together with your other pet fish.

Blood Parrot can grow to be very big almost reaching 1 foot in length. Those that you saw offered for sale in fish shops are normally the small ones as it is much easier to sell at this size as it looks cuter. Therefore don’t be deceived by this marketing tactic and bought up to 5 or more of these little fellows and stuff them into a 30 gallon tank because soon enough you will find that the aquarium will be overcrowded. The fact is that if you intend to keep the fish for long, I would suggest getting only a pair of them and then raise them up to be your pets.

Don’t worry about not getting a male and female fish and getting stuck with decision about breeding them because chances for the fish to reproduce are actually very less and most of the time (about 90%) the fish are sterile and won’t reproduce baby fish at all. Even if there are eggs laid, a majority of those are non-fertilized meaning that it will never hatch and turn to babies. However, despite that happening, lately some hobbyists have actually found a way to ensure that they successfully obtain the fish’s offspring.

Parrot cichlids can be a very intelligent fish and their antics of swimming around the tank in clumsy matter can really bemuse you. Generally if you have a large aquarium enough to accommodate different species, you can actually try to introduce other tank mates to them and possible addition can either be gourami, freshwater sharks, catfish, silver dollars or clown loach. Because of their unpredictable behavior, if for any reason that you find the fish suddenly become aggressive turning against your other fish, I would suggest that you abort your plan to keep and mix them or else you will need to buy a tank separator to create a compartment.

Blood parrot cichlids normally will eat as much as it can unless you control their diet and feeding. Most of the time if your tank is undersized, you will notice that the water gets dirty and cloudy easily and just like any type of fish, they can be extremely sensitive when the waste buildup will cause nitrate and nitrite levels to increase. Usually the best way to ensure that they stay healthy and avoid falling sick is by watching closely the water parameters and regularly carry out water changes but overall, in order to simplify your task of managing the fish tank, the best way is to install a filter that takes care of the cleaning process.

Some aquarium fish tank water filtration options you can consider:
Trickle filter, Diatom Filter, External Power Filter

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Black, Sailfin & Balloon Mollies

Molly or sometimes called Mollies is a type of fish which can withstand tropical freshwater condition to brackish medium salinity water. They are often confused to be similar to platies and swordtails group of fish but however, the mollies are very much different as they belong to other genus and they will not interbreed with those two although chasing and courting activities are commonly seen. In fact, mollies are often kept in the same tank together with the platies and swordtails without any trouble arising and most of the time, all of them will get along well.

There are different variants of the fish which is a result of extensive cross-breeding program done by hobbyist and fish breeders. Sometimes due to the aggressive breeding techniques matching them with other sub-species, most hybrid mollies don’t even look like one anymore and it can be quite difficult to identify them. Mollies in general are black in color but there are variants which are grayish green to yellow and there is even albino type produced albeit very rare. There are even some with the dorsal that projects like a sailfin although the native molly which you often find has the dorsal fin which is only very short and thin. Nowadays, you can also find a new breed called the “balloon mollies” which has a rounded belly which I believe is part of a selective breeding done by fish breeders.

balloon molly fishcommon black molly fishgray silver sailfin molly
Introducing mollies to an established community aquarium can be a tricky and often complicated thing to do. There are different results; some desired, some undesired that is often seen soon after this new fish is added to the display aquarium. Based on my own experience, some mollies especially the male will end up chasing every single fish larger than its size than it could find while some female mollies will instead nip and harass some smaller sized species such as neon tetra and pencilfish. Most of the time, they will get along well with the others but one important thing noted here is that the molly fish should be given ample space to swim around or else overcrowding and competition for foods will turn them into an aggressive and annoying lot.

Breeding Mollies
Molly just like the other livebearer fish which delivers free swimming baby fish also has a gonopodium to insert to the female specimen and the courting affair is usually interesting to watch as the male flaps open and expand its dorsal fin to get the attention of the other fish. The mollies however, do not make good parents as they will eat their own baby fish, and thus once the female delivers the fry, quickly remove it to another tank away from its offspring. To ensure high success rate on getting more fry, you can consider using a breeding box/net or having live plants in the tank so that the baby fish can hide once they are dropped from their mother.

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What to feed baby fish?

Depending on which type of aquarium fish species, some of the baby fish can be as tiny as few millimeters in which you will need the magnifying glass in order to see them clearly. Most of these tiny fish fry are those which come from the cold water and tropical egg-laying fish species such as goldfish, koi, neon tetra, and pencilfish. Yes, don’t be deceived by the large gigantic koi size because you will be surprised to see the young baby hatchlings can be as little as 3mm in length. However, when it comes to the live bearers which release free swimming babies, their offspring are much larger in comparison. You might want to find more information about fish and koi breeding methods here.

tiny newborn baby fishFortunately despite the small size, there are still several food options for you to choose from. Some tiny babies especially those measuring only few millimeters; you can use microscopic organisms which you can’t even see yourself. First, what you need is a transparent container and some lettuce leaves, make sure you properly wash those and leave it under full blaze of sun so that the leaves will soften and decompose and that is where the infusorian microorganisms will grow. Don’t worry if you can’t see them because all you need is to use is a pipette or straw and then squirt the cloudy solution taken from the container of rotting lettuce and aim it close to the group of baby fish gathered together.

Another option which you can use is the cheap microworms. I would definitely recommend using these for those growing live bearer baby pet fish and for those small hatchlings like the baby goldfish, I would suggest you feed them infusorians for at least 2 weeks before you use microworms. I’ve written a comprehensive guide on how to get cheap and continuous supply of microworms just by regrowing the culture and making sure that they regenerate back the numbers. Apart from using microworms or infusorians, you can also mix in some dried fish pellets to add some variety to the diet by soaking the pellets in a small container until you can crush it until it turned powdery.

artemia brine shrimpAs your baby pet fish grow bigger, you should start to offer them different high protein variety so that you can continue to fill their stomach and make them grow faster. Generally one of the best foods is to grow brine shrimps (artemia) which are actually the eggs of saltwater shrimp which you will need to hatch and then feed it to the baby fish. Basically the brine shrimp culture need at least 2 days to hatch and in order to provide continuous supply of this food, you will need to prepare several containers to ensure there are sufficient amount to last for days. One of the benefits of using brine shrimps is that the shrimps will survive for few hours in water trying to escape and this will entice your baby fish to chase after them and make them active. This is basically the best food around and if you notice that your baby have a round stomach filled with brine shrimp their growth rate can be at least 1 cm in length achieved in a month.

Finally if you are staying close to areas with ponds and stream, that would be even better because you will have the chance to collect daphnia which thrive in green water. For further information, refer to choice of other live aquarium fish foods. You might also want to find out about different types of fish species.

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Choice of Small Cold Water Fish

small cold water white cloud fishWhen you only have a small-sized tank less than 6 gallon capacity and your choice of fish is the cold water type to keep, then there are only few species that fit into this criteria. Goldfish and Koi although they are cold water fish will be definitely out from your list, as it can easily grow to more than 5 inches in length. Thus, with that space constraint in mind, you might want to consider the white cloud minnows which are a small species originating from the mountains of China.

White cloud minnows is a schooling fish that is generally easy to look after suitable for beginners and most people would consider it as the ideal fish you can get for your kids. Being small, they generally have tiny appetite and this means that with controlled feeding and constantly monitoring the water quality, the tank water will stay clean and hardly gets cloudy. However, be careful though because the pet fish if well cared for will multiply rapidly and their numbers will easily increase in two fold in a matter of years. Thus, your idea of keeping a well-managed tank in your tight living space apartment might not work in the end.

Keeping the cold water fish is rather simple and straightforward. Just like any tropical fish, what they require is generally clean water with variety and abundance of foods available. They will eat foods ranging from white worms to powdered fish flakes made specially to fit in to their small mouth. The only difference that you might find different is that while tropical tank will require installation of heaters to bring up the water temperature if it’s too cold, with a cold water aquarium having the white cloud minnows, you will need an aquarium chiller in place, in case, temperature rises rapidly during the summer. White cloud minnows are not fussy fish and you will find that they can easily adapt and live in your mini fish tank.

There are challenges however, when it comes to keeping this small fish. Though they generally adapt well, sometimes you might find that they are quite susceptible to catching fin rot and white spot (ich) disease. To prevent this, make sure that temperature is always constant and any introduction of new fish to your existing tank should be quarantined before they are added in. You will find information about treating infected fish disease on the related page by following the link above. Nonetheless, if everything is fine, your white cloud minnows should have a life span of 3 years or more if you pampered them. Choice of other small fish you can consider to keep as pets. For saltwater marine enthusiast, the Catalina Goby should qualify as perfect choice for nano aquariums.

comparison between fluval and eheimComparing Between Different Fish Filters (Advantages and Disadvantages). How about other brands like the BiOrb?

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