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Deadly Red Belly Piranha Fish

red belly piranha fishBeing an aggressive flesh eating species, the Red Belly Piranha made its name as one of the most challenging fish to keep, that is often more towards how to handle them rather than how to ensure that they stay alive. Despite its non-friendly and hostile behavior, most people are still attracted to keep them as pets as they consider it to be extremely cool. Well, obviously different people have different preferences, so as to say. However, due to their untamed and deadly nature, governments in different countries have outlawed and banned not only sale of this fish but hobbyist are also not allowed to keep them at home aquariums for fear of unscrupulous individuals who might accidentally release them into the wild and native streams and cause endangerment to human lives.

Unlike marine sharks which may attack only during certain conditions, piranhas are more aggressive as to lunge forward at the sight of food. Usually there is a leader among the pack and what’s worse is that they range and attack in numbers and with their sharp teethes, this made them even more deadly. There are numerous accounts of how victims suffer bites from the fish that inflicts serious open wounds and there are even cases whereby there are people who succumb to the flesh eating red belly piranha fish. Thus if you have intention to rare and breed them in home tanks, be prepared to face the uphill tasks attending to their needs and it is quite common to get yourself injured that comes from accidental bites happened during tank maintenance, so be prepared for this as well.

Facts about Piranha care
Piranhas are normally kept in large tanks (measuring over 80-gallon and above) with good aquarium filtration system. With their diet comprising strictly to only meat and dead fish, the water will get dirty easily and if you fail to properly change the water it will emit a foul smell especially with the accumulation of waste discharge coming from the fish after every meal. The tank that they live in should have sufficient lighting so that the fish stay active and with this, you can also grow live plants as well. Introduction of the fish to the tank can be done easily without any problem as the red belly can basically adjust to different water quality regardless of whether the water is hard or soft. It is recommended that you keep at least 6 – 7 of them to form a shoal and buy them together when they are young. Be forewarned that once you establish them to be part of a group, never introduce a new piranha to the stock or else the new fish will be considered as outsiders and ended up being attacked.

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