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Using Show Tank as Display Aquarium

display aquarium show tankGenerally my advice that I always tell a newbie aquarium hobbyist looking for the perfect fish tank is to always select and buy the largest one which you can afford taking into consideration how much space in your house that you have to place the tank. Selecting the right tank is very important because it is the first step towards your aquarium fish hobby and since it is the home for your pets, getting the right size and shape is very important.

As a hobbyist I try to juggle between keeping my budget low while at the same time still be able to go about enjoying what I like to do best. One of the tricks to successful manage your hobby is to have as many backup tanks as possible because there are quite a number of unexpected things that can happen such as disease breakout, leaking tanks and frantically searching for backup aquarium for your fish is the last thing that you want to do. Among those that you need to be on standby are breeding tanks, a single quarantine tank and last but not least, your main Show Tanks (see also wall hanging fish tank).

Show tanks are meant to display and bring out the best of your pet fish. They are different compared to a standard aquarium in the sense that the front portion of it is actually curved out to create the stunning visual effect that enlarge and showcase the unique appearance noticeable on every fish. Previously, use of show tanks are normally confined and subjected only to saltwater aquariums but today even the freshwater circles have started to go about using these specially designed tanks. Since they are made of different materials, the ones which you can see sold at pet stores will usually cost two or three times higher compared to a standard aquarium.

One of the main attributes concerning the use of it is that they are usually custom made and the size is very large. Since it will be your display aquarium, obviously you would want to select all the best fish from you collection to move it to your show tank. Usually I will select the most mature and colorful fish stock and create a community aquarium and that is where they really stand out. In terms of equipment and support kits, I will get the best to complement the setup and make it to be the most complete. From the picture which you can see above, it is one of my masterpiece 100 gallon show tanks complete with a trickle filter, powered by 400 watt metal halide lighting and it houses my thriving community of coral reefs, scribbled angelfish and chevron tang.

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Purpose of Fish Tank Separator

aquarium fish separatorFish Tank Aquarium Separator basically is a unit of material usually made of either glass or plastic placed inside the aquarium to create a partition so that you can house different kinds of fish. The separator usually comes in handy especially when the fish that you intend to keep are those aggressive species that might otherwise ended fighting if they are placed together. For example, it might be a good idea to create a different partition if let’s say you decided to allocate a section to house the Lake Tanganyika cichlids and having the Lake Malawi cichlids in another section or you can have one partition that has neon fish and tetra live in it and the other has gourami fish. Of course, usage of separator is only workable if you have a tank large enough to split up with each having enough room for the fish to live in.

Having a separator has several advantages associated with it in the sense that instead of having multiple units of individual fish tank, you only need one large aquarium which shares the same basic equipment like filters, air pumps and lighting. Having a separator also means that you subject all the fish species in it, sharing the same water quality and thus the owner might find it easier to control the water parameters in a single tank system rather than looking after several units of tanks. However, one of the main obvious disadvantage is that if let’s say there is a breakout in disease, this will prove to be a major headache as the pathogen will spread from one species to another infecting the rest of the fish sharing the same confinement.

Fish tank separator also comes in handy especially for those fish breeders who have intention to pair up and breed cichlids species like Midas and Convict Cichlids. Having separate partitions can serve different purposes like for example:
  1. Putting the male and female species with the intention of dividing them using a transparent separator unit is a good test indicator to find out whether the males and females will form a bonding pair upon mixing together

  2. It could serve as a solitary confinement to encourage and arouse the fish for mating. Believe me, separating them and them mixing again works to stir up the chemistry

  3. To observe and study their reactions towards one another in order to find out whether they will mate or end up fighting

comparison between fluval and eheimComparing Between Different Fish Filters (Advantages and Disadvantages). How about other brands like the BiOrb?

What to do With Frightened Koi

hand feeding koi fishKoi generally is a very friendly type of fish as it can learn to identify the owner who feeds them and even up to the extent of getting close to you to accept food from your palm. Normal behavior for a koi when they are first brought home released to their new pond will usually dash for cover at slightest signs of movement and shadow. This scenario is pretty normal as they have yet to accustom and getting used to the new pond.

Depending on how much time you spent with your pets, usually in about a week, they will start to get to know you better and will approach and swim happily in front of your during meal time. As mentioned earlier, koi fish can also be trained to hand feed from your palm and if you follow a certain fixed time schedule for their meal time, they will learn to get intimate with you. However, all is not well and it doesn’t sound alright if after weeks, they still get frightened easily as if they were meeting strangers or having the fear of getting caught.

Most fish pond owners do not realize that this condition actually relates to degrading water quality as it will chemically induce the fear feeling within the fish itself. Most common example with the condition seen is when the ammonia and nitrite level builds up to unhealthy concentration. You can refer to this information on what is the tolerance level of ammonia and nitrite for water quality. If for any reason that you see this condition happening, first thing that you must do is to quickly change the water and check whether your pond filter does clog up. Conduct simple water test using test kits and find out whether ammonia or nitrite level is at unhealthy level.

Sometimes even when the results turn out to be negative, there are several things which you can do to make things better. Stress coat reliever is a form of chemical produced by fish specialist which you can add to the water to calm down your fish. If you decided to try home remedy, you can always rely on salt solution to help makes thing better. Before you add any medication, first find out the volume of your pond and then calculate the amount of salt or stress coat reliever that is needed to make up to a certain concentration for it to work. Measure your pond TDO (total dissolved oxygen) level and if necessary, try to increase it by using oxydator or work on the aeration aspect by adding another set of air pumps.

Another important water parameter which you shouldn’t miss out is the pH. Most people often overlook on this and in case there’s any sign of problem surfacing, pH should be one of the parameters you should check first. Koi water requirements are very close to the goldfish and the best pH range to control should be within 6.5 – 7.5. Finally, if everything else fails, there is another factor that you should look into which is the presence of predators like squirrels, rats and eagles which can harm and catch your koi. Constant harassment by these predators can make your pets particularly sensitive as it is always their natural instinct to quickly dash for cover for any presence of danger. To counter this, the best way is to use koi pond netting to make your pets feel secure.

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comparison between fluval and eheimComparing Between Different Fish Filters (Advantages and Disadvantages). How about other brands like the BiOrb?

Live Plant for Goldfish Aquarium

In a goldfish tank, generally hobbyist would avoid putting in live plants and the main reason is because they can ended up being destroyed by your pets. Goldfish are notorious for uprooting plants (even the toughest type), tearing apart the leaves and creating a whole lot of mess. Thus plants are best left out if you have a goldfish tank but however for me there are one exception of course and that choice of plant is water sprite.

water sprite goldfishgoldfish planted aquarium
The reason why I insist on using it is because water sprite is known to grow very fast without requiring much attention. For me it is considered the best choice of live plant for goldfish aquarium as it can even tolerate conditions suitable for your goldfish living in cold water. In water with low nutrient level, they are able to sprout their leaves faster than you can ever notice it. In terms of lighting requirements, as long as they are getting some exposure of light, that should be good enough and water sprite is also known to grow well even in shaded areas.

Being fast growing sometimes doesn’t guarantee that it can survive in your goldfish tank. Even with its rapid regeneration rate, this might not even be enough to fill your goldfish’s appetite. In order to counter this, what I usually do is to ensure that my pets are well fed and this means that they would be less likely to chew on the plants to fill their stomach. Thus you might want to ensure that you do not skip any day without feeding your pets or else your plants might suffer the consequences. I had a bad experience once when I actually miss the normal feeding schedule for my fish and ended up losing the whole stalk of fresh leaves getting eaten up, leaving nothing except the branches! Don’t say I don’t warn you.

After all the fiasco and trouble, you might be asking why would you want to have the water sprite inside the tank in the first plane and create all the problems. Well for me, with presence of plants, first your goldfish will fell more secure and with the dense vegetation, they won’t get stressed and startled easily. Second, as we all know, plants are known to improve water quality and the remove the excess of nitrate present in the water. With it around, you will notice your pet goldfish are usually more active and display vibrant colors. Finally you will also need plants to induce goldfish to spawn and provide a hiding place for their fry. Find out more about goldfish reproduction.

comparison between fluval and eheimComparing Between Different Fish Filters (Advantages and Disadvantages). How about other brands like the BiOrb?

Koi Selection for Breeding

Baby KoiKoi are usually sexually mature by the time they reach about 2 - 3 years of age. But however, for the best results, hobbyists have always preferred 4 years and above mature fish for breeding purposes as young fry produced from here are better off compared to those coming from younger parents. The best koi that should be selected for your breeding program should be at least 17” in length with good body mass (looks chubby) which means that those are healthy breed to collect the fry. Avoid using Koi fish that are stunted or some of which are genetically small because all your effort will go to waste especially with the time spent and it’s really frustrating to end up with low quality batch of fry with poor colors.

Baby koi coming from healthy well-fed parents usually have higher survival rate. Apart from that, their size is also normally much bigger as the eggs from where they hatch from is larger and contains more yolk sac for them to consume during their early stage of development. And because of this factor, they will grow much faster since they have good start and early advantage. In view of this, it is imperative that one should make an effort to try to breed koi which are selected only from the best lot which are the healthiest and most mature fish.

The best time trying to breed your pet koi should be during the start of spring when temperature starts to go up again after long period of hibernation. Koi fish are usually rather weak and fragile during the first week but with constant supply of extra supplement coupled with good nutrition, you will find that they will start to put on weight again. As the water turns warm, this will induce your fish to spawn and provided you have male and female fish, they will start to produce eggs.

The breeding pond specially made for your koi should be as large as possible which measures at least 1000 gallons and above. Needless to say that the system must be equipped with reliable filtration system coupled with aeration unit (if you can afford one) and on top of that the pond should also be filled with dense vegetation to provide cover for the fry when they hatch. Once you observe that they the eggs are being released immediately remove the parents and quickly shut off the filtration system to prevent fry from being sucked in. Eggs will take about 1- 2 days before they hatch. If you can see two dark spots appearing on the eggs, this means that you have a successful spawn. (Related: Koi pond design considerations)

When your breeding pond is ready, it is time to select the right koi for your program. Female and Male koi can be rather difficult to tell apart because sometimes they don’t show the expected physical appearance. Males usually develop something what you call “tubercles” that look like small tiny white pimples that pop up from their gill area and pectoral fins (if you are not sure where the gill is, check out fish anatomy). Females filled with eggs also look bulging over at the ventral area and you will notice the appearance if you observe carefully and examine more closely from the top. One note of precaution however is that you should get yourself prepared and try to lower the water level during the spawning process because heavy chasing can sometimes cause the females to jump out of the pond. I have one of mine that died because I actually outnumbered the males to females (which are accidental of course due to wrong judgment made during the selection process)

Young koi fry after they hatched from their eggs rely heavily on their attached yolk sac for survival. During the first 2 – 3 days, they will hardly move and even if they do it will be some jerky short trip from one location to another. Most of the time they will just cling to the pond surface and during this period, they will continue to consume the yolk sac. Once it reached the fifth day, it is time to begin your feeding regime. Make sure that you have supply of brine shrimps enough and ready to feed the lot. Another alternative which you can use to provide constant supply of cheap aquarium foods is by using microworms which is also equally nutritional.
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comparison between fluval and eheimComparing Between Different Fish Filters (Advantages and Disadvantages). How about other brands like the BiOrb?

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