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most beautiful fish

Blue Striped and Queen Angelfish

Queen AngelfishBlue Angelfish looks almost similar to the Queen Angelfish except for the color pattern and marking on its body and fins. A blue angelfish can be recognized and identified based on the presence of yellow band on the tip of its fins and the body has dominant blue color appearance while some can be slightly greenish. Certain rare type can even have a vertical blue band cutting across it body and these species were commonly known as blue striped. Queen angelfish on the other hand, appears mostly blue green to yellowish while the tip of the fins are now dark blue in color. Compared to each other, you can even find more blue colored spots on the queen angelfish compared to the blue species.

Both types of angelfish actually belong to the same genus, which is called Holacanthus. Although the fishes belong to the same group, sometimes it can be difficult to add both species in the same tank to live together. Between angelfish, they can become aggressive and it’s not uncommon to see them fighting as soon as you added them. Except when you have a mating pair, it’s very rare to see angelfish swimming together. There should only be one single species in a marine aquarium but they should be able to live well and coexist along with other tropical species like clownfish, blennies and tang.

When it comes to food, Holacanthus can be extremely picky and they only accept sponges most of the time. Due to this, marine hobbyist often have difficulties sourcing for their food supply because only certain pet stores sell it and sometimes they even run out of stock. There are two approaches to solve this, one is to get the largest tank possible which you can afford and then establish your population of live rock with sponges in it or you can choose another way by having a separate tank that grow invertebrates in it. This will ensure that your blue angelfish or queen angelfish will always have enough supply of food for their growth and development.

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