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Goldfish Varieties - Ryukin and Tosakin

ryukin goldfishRyukin is a beautiful variety of the goldfish. It can easily be identified from other types of goldfish by its deep body and with a hump right before the head near the dorsal fin. It has long finnages similar like veiltails and it is commonly found in red, white and orange color. Ryukin has metallic scales and the tail fin is fully forked and divided. It is considered a hardy fish, which can grow up to 8 inches long and is very popular in Japan.

tosakin goldfishThere is another Japanese variety of the Ryukin called the Tosakin that has similar characteristics except that the tail fin opens flat and wide horizontally. If you observe the fish from above, the tail actually spreads out nicely like a butterfly and the beauty is indeed magnificent. However, Tosakin is rather delicate and is very difficult to breed. It swims clumsily and generally requires extra care such as making sure the stream of water is not too turbulent or else it will jeopardize normal tail fin development. And because of its slow swimming nature, some aquarist has resorted to use hand spawning in order to successfully breed the goldfish.

Tosakin is also very sensitive to changes in water quality and some experts actually suggest using slight greenish water containing algae. In order to produce the desired butterfly tail, some aquarist has gone to the extreme by keeping the fish in a small container to limit the growth and length of the body while allowing the tail fin to develop. In Japan, Tosakin is highly prized and sought after and various competitions are organized to select the best fish.

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Common mistakes made by aquarium owners

Overfeeding – Most commonly seen affecting aquarium newbies. Always stick to your feeding schedule and never get swayed away by enthusiasm. Sometimes it is fun watching the fish swim and we often think that in order to make them even more active, we need to provide them with more fish food. This perception is absolutely wrong. Certain fish like goldfish often has the tendency to beg and swim actively especially after they recognize you as the owner who feeds them. And we often took pity on this behavior and mistaken this eating frenzy as hunger. Unlike mammals and other living organism, fish do not have the tendency to stop eating when they are already full and if given the chance, they will gobble up very bits and tiny pieces of food left.

There are many reasons why we should avoid overfeeding. First, the uneaten food if left unattended will start to decompose and become a substrate for unhealthy growth of bacteria and thus fouls the water. Second overfeeding makes the fish become bloated and this is not healthy for the fish.

aquarium fish goldfish in bowl
a group of pearlscale goldfish (problems with overcrowding)

– Sometimes even if we managed to get the largest and best aquarium size possible, we often think in such a way that if there’s still space available, so why not fully utilize them? After all, it can still accommodate a few more fish packed tightly into those corners? Wrong. The more you add, the less oxygen is available to the other fish and more waste will be generated instead. Unless you want to commit more time to perform aquarium maintenance, you should avoid overcrowding at all cost. Another reason is because less space means the fish won’t have the chance to swim freely and this will lead to stunted growth.

Adding incompatible tank mates – If you happen to visit the aquarium shop often, it is always exciting to see new stock arrival and one will always be tempted to buy new fish as addition to the home aquarium. But before you do that, have you check whether the fish can even live together without showing aggressive behavior towards each other? Ask yourself a question, can the other big fish end up eating the small ones? You might want to check out my other blog post about community aquarium, which discusses about having compatible tank mates.

Lack of commitment – Most people always believe in the notion that with like high-powered aquarium filters, there will never be any need, ever again to change the water. This, of course is not true because there’s nothing better than constantly replacing the aquarium with fresh and natural water. Bear in mind that, even though you have filters, there are certain waste which are water soluble especially ammonia, nitrite and nitrate which can only be removed by removing a portion of the water and then replace with fresh new one. Read up more on Fish Care.

No observations – Observations are very important and is the most important prerequisite separating between a successful and non-successful aquarist. On and off just by simple observation, sometimes, we can pick up and notice fish that become listless or inactive, some with torn fins, others with fungal growth and these signs show that the fish would require immediate attention. If we do not take the effort to overcome these symptoms, it would eventually escalate up to the point that treatment is too late to have any effect. If you notice there’s sick fish in the aquarium, immediately remove and quarantine so that you can administer treatment without affecting other fish.

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comparison between fluval and eheimComparing Between Different Fish Filters (Advantages and Disadvantages). How about other brands like the BiOrb?

Goldfish Varieties - Oranda

Oranda is easily recognizable from its prominent hood, which looks like a lumpy growth protruding out from the skin covering the whole head except for the eyes and mouth. Depending on the nutrition you provide for the fish, the growth should start developing after 8 months of age and sometimes it can even block the eye view making the fish having poor visibility. They are very sensitive to low temperatures and usually temperature range between 18 to 22degCelcius suits best for the fish. Orandas can grow up to very large size often exceeding 7 inches in length. Therefore, care must be taken to ensure that they have enough space for the fish or else risk having stunted fish. Like any other goldfish, Orandas are very greedy and will eat just about anything but it is best that you control their diet by providing a mixture of live and dry fish food to ensure they get all the necessary nutrition.

red cap oranda
Fine specimen of RedCap Oranda

Oranda comes in variety of colors ranging from interesting yellow to red, sometimes chocolate while there is also a white variant with a particular red cap hence the name “red cap oranda”. Though generally a hardy fish, which means it can tolerate mild changes in water conditions, care must be taken to ensure that the water is always clean by having good aquarium filters in order to prevent bacterial infections from developing in their headgrowth. Nevertheless, aquarium maintenance has to be given priority if you intend to ensure that your fish live longer to be your faithful companion.

Other Goldfish Varieties: ranchu, veiltail, fantail, common goldfish, black moor, shubunkin, celestial, pearlscale, pom-pom, ryukin, jikin

comparison between fluval and eheimComparing Between Different Fish Filters (Advantages and Disadvantages). How about other brands like the BiOrb?

Buy Fish Food

One of the secrets to having healthy and active aquarium fish is to feed them at regular intervals with the right amount and mixture of nutritious and well-balanced diet. It is always a good idea not to stick to a single brand or maintain only dried processed food throughout the whole year because basically fish, just like humans get all their nutritional contents from different source including live foods as well. One particular feed maybe lacking in certain components but combination of different fish foods will ensure none of the important components will be missing.

With today’s advancement in food processing technology, different varieties of fish food are readily available in stores or even online and they come in different packaging and solid forms like pellets, sticks, and flakes. With the wide variety and selection in different brand names, how do you know you are getting the right food for you fish? Of course you might aim for brand names because basically the most trusted ones should be the most reliable. However, as a responsible owner, you could also take some effort to do your own research. Just flip over to the pack and check for the nutritional content listing and compare among the brands to decide yourself.

Basically based on my own personal experience, try to look for the fish food with highest amount of protein (in the range of 46-60%), fat and fibre (combination of both should be in the region of 3 – 6%) while at the same time having the lowest moisture or ash content (less than 10%). There are also certain brands, which contain ingredients tailor-made specially for growth, color enhancement, while others concentrate on easy digestion (most important for goldfish), so will be up to you to make up your mind on it.

Another thing you should note is that never ever purchase in bulk. This is the most common mistake always made by a pet owner who thinks that buying in bulk can help lower the cost. This is actually not true because the person will actually end up losing more in the long run. Bear in mind that dried and processed foods have a limited shelf-life and generally they are best use within a certain period of time because sensitive ingredients like vitamins and proteins are prone to oxidation and the level will decrease gradually.

So finally if you notice that the color of your fish has started to fade or your fish has becomes less active or are easily prone to fish disease, first ask yourself are you feeding the right type of food for your pet?

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comparison between fluval and eheimComparing Between Different Fish Filters (Advantages and Disadvantages). How about other brands like the BiOrb?

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