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Tropical Fish For Sale

buy tropical fishTropical Fish for sales are now not only done through your local fish shop but are also widely carried out using the internet. Most people prefer going personally and shop for their new fish and they find that by doing this way, it is lot more fun and exciting since you get to see the fish swimming around to pick and choose. From there, you will immediately know whether the fish is healthy and most important, do check carefully whether all the fins are intact. Avoid choosing fish which rest quietly at the bottom or floating around and seldom moves. If you are lucky enough and pay close attention, you will end up with the most friendly and active fish. Going to the local fish shop also means you get to talk personally with the sales person to get information on the fish you are about to purchase. This form of communication also means more information can be exchanged. All these are important so that you will understand your fish better and get yourself prepared.

On the other hand, for those people who do not have time and prefer shopping from the comfort of their home, going online to the internet to purchase their new fish for their aquarium is also another option. Different from going personally to local fish shop, you don't actually get to see the fish swimming around and basically the fish that you receive is the one chosen by the seller. Buying through the internet also means subjecting the fish to trauma caused by handling during transportation and shipment. Depending on the distance between your location and the sender's location, these could take days to arrive. Between that period, the fish will go through difficult time without fish food and is subjected to stress. Most of the time, the fish will arrive in poor condition (sometimes sick with fish ich disease) although originally it was in a healthy state. This means that the fish will have to go through a dormant period to recover and also more time for it to acclimatize to new environment. Compared to going personally, buying tropical fish online also means no interaction between the seller and buyer although this can be done through emails. It is to my personal opinion, information does not get through effectively as compared to talking person to person.

Another important aspect to consider whenever there is tropical fish for sales is that, always look for the best price and value for your money. Important consideration that will affect price range include:
1) types and species of fish you are buying - arowara will cost more, while guppies are far less. Sometimes even fish from the same species will differ in the price due to demand based on color and appearance.
2) size of the order - more will cost less therefore it's always best to buy in bulk (share/sell to friends if you have excess)
3) location to where the stocks are to be delivered if you are buying online

In order to get good value for your money, always conduct a research based on the points stated above and negotiate for a good price. Hope this helps.

Different goldfish varieties: ranchu, ryukin and tosakin, fantail, pearlscale, pom-pom, black moor, celestial, shubunkin, oranda and common goldfish

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Corner Aquarium

corner aquariumAquariums nowadays are made to complement modern living room environment. Ever since the emergence of modern technologies with the introduction of acrylic coupled with a touch of creativity from aquarium manufacturers, introduction of different shapes and designs are made possible. One of the exciting addition with contemporary design in mind, is the Corner Aquarium.

The main purpose and the most exciting feature of the corner aquarium is space saving. The shape is meant conveniently to slot into spaces to fill the corner section of a room and to make use of every available space. Most common shapes we can find from corner aquarium is based on a triangular prism with rounded edges to create stunning modern effect. To make these aquariums look even better, accessories such as fluorescent lighting, multiple air bubble outlets from aquarium pumps, plants, driftwood and other tank ornaments coupled with the fish swimming in it will actually create an excellent moving art.

Those who are considering to get one for their home would be surprised to find a wide range of corner aquariums to choose from. There are many offers which can be found online and all of them come in different sizes, colors, materials (whether acrylic or glass, wooden or steel frame) complete with a support cabinet and aquarium stand. There are also custom-made corner aquariums if the person could not find the perfect type but be prepared to pay for higher prices.

Sometimes, the seller also offer services which include support staff to actually come over to help set up the aquarium. All these are basically offered in a single convenient package that covers the aquarium purchase, accessories, lighting including setup and installation, so the owners only need to worry about finding the right location for their corner aquarium. But be sure to consider having the surrounding colors and room decorations to match the corner aquarium because it is most likely to be the focus point for the entire living room.

Well after all is done, the only thing left for the owner to do is to sit back and enjoy the view and the beauty of perfect corner aquarium sitting in the corner of the room.

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Reef Ready Aquariums

reef ready aquariumA Reef Ready Aquarium is simply an aquarium that comes with an established community of reefs needed for your salt water fish and can be readily purchased from aquarium manufacturers. There are actually many people notably novices, who do not have time and sufficient knowledge to make their own reef ready aquariums and will therefore resort to buying one so that they don't have to go through all those hassles and troubles in getting one.

In fact, in order to successfully setup a reef ready aquarium, a person actually needs a lot of commitment and patience as well, not to mention also it will take months to actually setup and then maintain a healthy population. Many of the reef ready aquariums are done by professionals and they use certain techniques to ensure that the reefs will be able to live in artificial home water aquariums.

According to internet sources, certain reefs are actually obtained from the sea and do check properly from the aquarium manufacturers whether these reefs are harvested legally. This is especially true because in order to obtain one 50 gallon of aquarium full of reefs, the person has to scour a large area of the sea and this potentially could cause ecological damage to the environment. Try to avoid buying from these suppliers and instead go and look for those professionals who grow and sell reefs harvested from their farm. It is also wise to avoid buying reefs obtained from the sea because the reefs usually does not live long due to unable to acclimatize with artificial salt water environment.

Many of those reef ready aquariums that can be purchased also comes with a complete kit of chemical preparations, water temperature controller and some of them are also fixed with electronic pH meter and salt water salinity device to help and adjust water parameters according to measurements. Professional aquarium reef makers also ensure that the reefs are artistically arranged in order to create a wonderful sight for the owner. Therefore, be prepared to pay a high price for it because there are actually not many suppliers around and one would have to go through an amount of time searching through the internet.

It is certainly costly to purchase a reef ready aquarium, but the reward of having one is simply great minus the time needed to spent on it for the setup. The owner would only need to worry about getting the right fish for their reef ready salt water aquarium.

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Freshwater Tropical Fish

aquarium fish species discusFreshwater Tropical Fish, generally are the fish found in rivers in tropical countries like for example the Amazon river in South America, where it is known to be home to the most diverse population of freshwater fish in the world. Today there are still quite a number of fresh water tropical fish remaining in the wild especially in the areas where development hasn't take place. Ever since the olden days, a number of these tropical fish were caught, raised and bred to become domestic aquarium fish.

Domesticated tropical fish as compared to their cousins in the wild are usually more attractive and colourful. This is due to selective breeding done by aquarist with some other fish species. If you still remember the lessons taught in Biology class, another reason why tropical fish in the wild does not exhibit attractive colours is because of "Natural Selection". Fish with genes that determine bright colours will usually more prone to be spotted by predators, thus leaving the wild fish with dull colours better chance of survival.

There are actually thousands of species of fresh water tropical fish that has been categorized and identified by scientists. Most of these fish are actually found in the Amazon river and it's known to be numbering more than 3000 species! The largest fresh water tropical fish, Arapaima, also belongs to this river and are believed to be the largest in the world, with length of up to 15ft/4m while weighing 440lbs/200kg. Other better known tropical fresh water fish is the piranha which is the most dangerous fish ever known and are also domesticated although it has been banned by certain countries. Other fish like the Neon Tetra, Swordtail and Discus are also examples of fresh water tropical fish which are kept as aquarium fish and originated from the rivers of the Amazon.

Pollution and changes in the environment are threatening existence of fresh water tropical fish and scientists have predicted that these numbers will dwindle and eventually become extinct in the next few decades or so. Therefore, don't be surprised to learn that in the future, fresh water tropical fish that we will ever get to see, are the ones left remaining in home aquarium.

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Buy Tropical Fish

Any fish hobbyist is always excited when it comes to buying new tropical fish. In fact, there are always questions as to what criteria are best used when selecting their new pet. First, let’s ask ourselves what we want and then decide properly before we jump into it. The following points should be taken into consideration.

1) There are many types of aquarium fish and each has its own unique characteristics. The neon tetra for example, is a schooling fish and will form groups. There are certain fish which are very territorial like the arowana and is best kept to its own species. You can actually ask yourself, which size, color, and appearance do you prefer?

2) Do you consider yourself an experienced or beginner? If you are an expect you can go for those fish which require patience and a lot of attention especially discus while for beginners they should consider to start off with guppies.

3) How much time are you willing to commit? Certain fish like the goldfish will eat a lot and is known to generate a lot of waste. They would also mean more time and commitment to maintain perfect water quality.

4) What size of aquarium do you have? Big aquarium is generally recommended because it is easy to maintain constant water parameters and slight changes in the water chemistry will not cause large difference. Bigger sized aquarium also means you can stock more fish but be careful not to overcrowd.

5) Do you prefer matured or young fish fry? If you like watching a fish grow, it is a good idea to get the younger ones. It is very exciting as you observe the changes and learn to appreciate living creature. If you are not into that, then buy a matured fish.

6) How much are you willing to spend? Certain fish due to high demand like the discus will cost a lot while guppies are much cheaper.

Hopefully these will serve as a useful guide to help and buy tropical fish.

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Live Aquarium Plants

There are many benefits to having Live Aquarium Plants. Other than making the home aquarium aesthetically pleasing, plants also help to create a natural living environment for different types of fish by enhancing the water quality. First of all, it helps to improve the oxygen level in the water from photosynthesis and at the same time, it also consume harmful ammonia and nitrite in the water and convert it to less harmful nitrate.

Other than that, plants also help to provide shelter for certain fish especially Neon Tetra, which are rather shy. Fish also rely on plants as a hiding place especially during mating season and with a place to hide, they will not easily get frightened or shocked. Those who have decided to go ahead with their plans to have live plants will find that well-planted aquarium looks so much nicer and attractive compared to previously when it was just a barren, dull looking empty aquarium.

Realizing the endless benefits, the question next is how do we successfully grow live aquarium plants? Well, first and foremost requisite is of course there must be reliable light source. There are two options here, one is to rely on natural sunbeam by placing close to windows but another better option is to use artificial aquarium lighting using fluorescent tubes. The latter option is more preferred because unlike sunbeam, artificial lighting does not generate high intensity light which attracts algae growth and secondly, artificial light can be controlled according to requirements such as having day and night cycle at different interval period.

Other than light, you will also need to have gravel or substrate to hold the plants so that they can grow well. My recommendation is try to use sand or fine gravel and supplement the aquarium bed with natural plant nutrient supplement available in your local fish shop. The nutrient together with waste generated from fish will be used as food for plant growth. Don’t worry much about it because once the plants establish its roots, it will develop a natural equilibrium with the environment and create a well-balanced ecosystem in your tiny little aquarium community.

Let’s discuss here some of the most common live aquarium plants.

aquarium plant java fernJava Fern
One of the easiest live aquarium plants to grow which does not need much attention. It produces light to dark green leaves shaped like spearheads. The leaves can grow up to very long and width reaching almost 7-8 inches in length. Because of this attribute, it is best used as a backdrop to complement the smaller-sized plants in front.

aquarium plant water spriteWater Sprite
Water sprite is a fast-growing plant with soft and fragile leaves, which is also deeply forked and bright green in color. It usually grows in floating form but it can also be embedded in gravel. The plant prefers acidic environment and grows well in shaded areas. As such, perfect plant to fill up the tight spots.

aquarium plant cabomba
Cabomba is a very delicate and fragile plant as its leaves can easily fall apart especially in an aquarium with high turbulence of water. Formerly known as fanwort because of its appearance, the leaves look like a lacy fan spread around the stem covering every angle. Similar like water sprite, the plant is also fast-growing.

One thing you should also remember is that, similar like your fish, plants are also sensitive to changes in water parameters. Different aquarium plants will require different water conditions and as such it is imperative that you find out more information about the plant such as the pH and water hardness level including lighting intensity required for each individual species.

Finally, to put on the creative touch and create a stunning looking aquarium, try and work out different aquarium plants combinations and arrangements with most simple is to have them arranged in such a way that the smaller ones are in front while those with big leaves are behind. Also don’t forget that certain fish may not like or suitable with having a well-planted aquarium, a good example would be Goldfish and Silver Dollars because they are known to uproot and eat the plants.

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Aquarium Decoration

Aquarium Decoration is actually as important as having the fish itself. Without decoration, the surrounding environment will look dull and boring and the whole aquarium will be pretty much lifeless even with the fish around. There are many types of decoration to choose from to put in your home aquarium. Depending on what you prefer, the most common decoration which you often come across are rocks, clams, gravels, rotating wheels, and driftwood, just to name a few. In fact, you can put literally anything that looks nice as long as it matches the theme of underwater world.

Putting aquarium decoration has many benefits. Other than hiding unsightly aquarium equipments such as filter, heater, tubes from aquarium pump and wires, decoration also help to provide hiding place for certain fish like neon tetra which are rather shy. Putting backdrops could also enhance the beauty of the aquarium and they also simulate a more natural look. Fish also feel more secure as backdrops prevent reflection of the aquarium and exposure from all sides.
aquarium decoration
However, before you have plans to put in aquarium decoration, several factors must first be taken into consideration. Before putting in any object, make sure that it is properly rinsed. Check with the seller on what material it is made from. Basically, try to avoid using objects which are constructed using materials which can degrade over time especially those with certain types of paints which can peel off easily. Safe bet is, the aquarium decoration should only be purchased from your fish store whereby you can be assured that the objects are safe since they are made for sole purpose of aquarium use.

Other than that, go for objects which are easy to clean and maintain. One has to take into consideration that with decoration, comes more work especially when it involves routine work such as changing water and cleaning the aquarium. Avoid decoration which has narrow spots which can accumulate dirt and is potential breeding spots for bacterias which will cause problems related to aquarium fish disease.

Another important consideration aquarium owners should look into is that, try to avoid putting objects with sharp edges. Certain fish like the goldfish are rather clumsy and their style of swimming will cause them to bump into objects and get injured.

Certain objects like limestone and marbles can degrade and cause changes in water chemistry. The substance may slowly dissolve and alter the pH balance, so it's best to avoid using these as aquarium decorations.

comparison between fluval and eheimComparing Between Different Fish Filters (Advantages and Disadvantages). How about other brands like the BiOrb?

Types of Aquarium Fish

There are literally hundreds of types of freshwater aquarium fish one can choose from for their aquarium. Just visit any of the local fish shop and you will be thrilled and amazed by the number of varieties available. Some are rounded while others are elongated, certain fish can be very big, each fish have their unique appearances and the most exciting part is that there are many colors which one can choose from. Compared to their cousins found in the wild, domesticated aquarium fish are very colorful and attractive as a result of selective breeding done by aquarists.

Basically fresh water aquarium fish are grouped into either livebearers or egg-layers. Examples of livebearers include guppy and swordtail while the egg-layers are like neon tetra and goldfish. Let's discuss some of the most common freshwater aquarium fish here and whether they are suitable for either experienced or novice fishkeeper.

Goldfish is perhaps the most popular among freshwater aquarium fish. It is believed to have originated from China and later introduced to the other parts of the world. It is one of the most colorful and beautiful fish ever known. There are also many varieties of goldfish to choose from, ranging from the exotic types like the pearlscale, oranda and ranchu, to the more common ones like common goldfish, fantail, veiltail and black moor. There are even fancy varieties like the celestial with its upturn telescope eyes and pom pom with its fleshy outgrowth that resembles well, a pom pom. Goldfish however, can grow to relatively large size and they are known to produce a lot of waste.

types of goldfish

Neon Tetra
Neons are best known as community fish. They are schooling fish which means they will normally form groups and move around. As their name implies, their green color neon scales will actually glow if the tank is properly lit. However, due to their small size, the neon tetra should only be kept with other similar size non-aggressive fish or else they will end up getting harassed or eaten.

All beginners to freshwater aquarium fish hobby should consider to start off with rearing guppies. Male guppies are more fancy and colorful while the females are generally dull and unattractive. They are a very hardy fish and will tolerate medium to moderate changes in water condition. If properly kept and taken care off, guppies will breed and could easily cause overcrowding in a tank.

Similar like guppies, swordtail are also relatively easy to care without needing special attention. They are more commonly found in orange to bright red color and one of the distinct characteristic about swordtail is that they have a sword like extension at their tailfin. However, they can sometimes be aggressive and one should not try mixing them with other smaller fish. Try to keep more males to females ratio around 3:1 to avoid competition and aggressive behavior especially during breeding.

Because there are so many types of freshwater aquarium fish, it is not possible to describe all of them here. Depending on your choice and preferences, a person can select the one they like best and it is every interesting to learn and try with the many types and diverse freshwater aquarium fish.

Interested to know learn more about fish-keeping and setting up your very own aquarium? You might want to check out my other blog posts as well.

comparison between fluval and eheimComparing Between Different Fish Filters (Advantages and Disadvantages). How about other brands like the BiOrb?

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